Here’s How to Host a Fairground-Style Party Right in Your Backyard

By on March 20, 2019
Style Party Right in Your Backyard

Hosting a birthday party can sometimes be a very daunting task, especially if the celebrant is requesting a specific type of party. But just like any task, you can pull it off if you put your mind to it. One backyard party idea is a fairground-themed party. If you have a sprawling backyard, then this party is perfect for you. You can contract a fairground stall hire company to supply you with everything that you need: games, rides, stalls and so much more. You don’t have to look for any other supplier, as one company can do everything in one go.

Fun games 

Kids live on games. Think of enjoyable games that everyone can play. If you hire a party supplier, they will provide you with the games for the guests. You may add your own in the mix. Let your child pick the games they want to play, and make sure that every single game is safe for everyone.


You can have amusement park rides set up in your own backyard for everyone’s enjoyment. Your fairground ride supplier will take care of the assembly, operation and dismantling of the equipment. Your guests will have a field day taking turns enjoying the rides. Make sure that the rides are safe, and tell your guests to follow height and weight requirements to ensure everyone’s safety.

Magic show 

A magic show is a fool-proof party entertainment. Even adults love magic shows. Get a reputable magician from your community and watch as the kids – and adults alike – gape with their mouths open at the unbelievable magic tricks.

Have an endless supply of goodies 

Food, drinks, treats and the like should be in abundance. You don’t want to run out of party supplies in the middle of the festivities. Estimate the number of guests that you will be having and work from that figure on how much supplies you should have.

Ensure the safety of everyone 

An amusement park ride in your backyard is not an everyday normal thing. At times like this, you must ensure that every single one of your guests is safe when riding on it. Talk to the amusement ride company and see if their equipment is state of the art and free from any issues.

Set up food stalls 

Set up a cotton candy stall in one corner, a balloon stall in the other, and many other things. The ideas are endless if you plan the party way ahead of the date. This will give you enough time to make adjustments and additions to ensure that you will host the most memorable party for your child.

Backyard birthday parties are memorable. The child who celebrates their birthday with family and friends and with overflowing food and amusement will remember this day with fondness. Although hosting a party in your home will tire you out by the end of the day, the enjoyment that you will provide will be priceless. Your guests may even take inspiration for their next party too.


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