Home Nurses and How Elders Can Benefit From It

By on May 23, 2018
Home Nurses and How Elders Can Benefit From It

Often, patients who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound are the ones who receive healthcare services at home, those assisting them could be a member of their family or a nurse. Finding a home nurse in Bangalore isn’t as tedious as it used to be, thanks to home healthcare service providers.

Whether the individual has been discharged from the hospital and requires the attention of an experienced nurse or an elder who needs to be regularly monitored for chronic or complex health conditions, elder care services save one the trouble of constantly having to run to and fro worried about the well-being of their loved ones.

A home nurse won’t just take care of the patient but in some cases also educates them about their condition and helps them follow a routine that will impact their health in a positive way.

Some of the conditions that they monitor and address are, dress surgical wounds or bed sores, address High or low blood pressure, administer medicine (intravenous or oral), Check sugar levels, check for signs of bacterial or fungal infections. The conditions are not limited to those listed above. Another advantage is the personalized help the patients receive isn’t always what they experience at hospitals.

When it comes to health management nurses are the at the forefront of it, they can help the individual being cared for stay out of the hospital for a prolonged period. They are trained in conducting tests to determine the causes for conditions such as fever, headaches and stomach aches, all tests can be conducted at home, without the need for the patient to visit a healthcare facility.

At times it can be frustrating to have someone monitor your health often but the presence of a home nurse can make the treatment process faster as the results can be communicated to the family immediately.

Elder or Geriatric care has evolved over the past few decades, nurses these days offer more than medical help, they also address the social and psychological needs of the patients. Our bodies will eventually begin to age and our health will deteriorate, but old age brings with it problems with movement, elders will not be as agile as they once were, this is another area where elder care helps families monitor the health of their loved one, this way if an improvement due to the care is shown to them their mental and emotional health too can benefit.

The fact that elders these days are educated and have a different attitude and approach things in a logical and not superstitious manner helps them take the right decisions when it comes to being cared for by trained and experienced healthcare professionals. Ageing no longer means one has to be stuck sitting at home looking after their grandchildren and leading a sedentary lifestyle. With modern technology-driven healthcare facilities, elders and youngsters can get many medical tests done at home, saving them time that they can otherwise spend in the company of their friends and family.

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