How Human Resource Professional Certification Aid In Your Career?

By on May 23, 2018
Human Resource Professional Certification

Till some time back, HR professionals were not required to have certifications, but industry insiders not so directly have been hinting on the importance of certifications for HR Professionals. And now the scenario is that if you are serious about becoming an HR Professional you need to go for a professional HR certification.

If you want to know the whys, then read on-

Certifications For Hr Professionals – The Need Of An Hour

It is an established fact that certifications help in augmenting your career to a complete new level. But how do they do that is what we are going to read here. So let’s take it step by step.

  1. Certifications give you a heads up when hunting for job: When applying for that coveted position in your favorite HR Organization, it will be professional certification that will help recruiters know that you are serious about your profile and hence get hired. When recruiters are selecting applications from the talent pool their first preference is for certified candidates who have proved their dedication to the role even before joining any organization.
  1. Certifications help you perform well in your job: As a certified HR Professional, you are expected to and in fact are well-versed with all the latest tools and practices of the industry. It will help you perform better in your job. However, just remember to keep upgrading your credentials and certifications. Which will bring us to the third reason as to how certifications will help in your job and career.
  1. Certifications help strengthen your career: As stated earlier, while certification will help strengthen your career, it is important to keep upgrading your skills with latest certifications in HR so that you are always one step ahead of your colleagues and other team mates.
  1. Certifications also act as a shield of protection in your career: Certifications are your best shield from recession related lay-off or just lay-off. When there is a financial trouble in an organization, the employers will get rid of non-certified staff as compared to the certified staff. So if your certifications are up-to date then there is nothing for you to worry even when the company is dealing with crucial financial problems.

Now that you know why professional certifications in HR will help you in your career, let’s have a look at some of the certifications you can opt for—

Human Resource Professional Certifications

There are numerous certification bodies that you may want to check out for certifications in HR, however here are the three important ones that have been making waves in the HR department with their competitive certifications for HR professionals.

  1. HRCI or Human Resource Certification Institute: HRCI is considered as one of the most reputed certification institutes for HR Certifications. It offers certifications for both beginners and experienced professionals. So depending on your skill set and experience you may go for the certifications from here. And if you want to earn a global HR certification then you can opt for that one as well.
  1. TMI or Talent Management Institute: Talent Management Institute offers HR certifications at three levels. Each of these certifications have been uniquely designed by the Management experts and caters to both beginners and experienced professionals. 
  1. SHRM or Society for Human Resource Management: SHRM or Society For Human Resource Management offers two major certifications for professionals and senior professionals who want to up their game. SHRM also has certifications for both beginners and experienced professionals who are entering and seeking to upgrade their HR skills respectively.


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