How to Organize a Successful School Picnic Spots near Delhi NCR?

By on June 13, 2018
Organize a Successful School Picnic Spots near Delhi

School picnic is a vital part of the overall curriculum of the student during an academic year. It is also the most crucial responsibility that occupies the shoulders of the educators at the school. Keeping this in view, it is one of the tasks that needs to be carried out successfully.

What does it take to organize a successful school picnic? We have compiled a list of a few important things that should be kept in mind while organizing a trip to School Picnic Spots near Delhi NCR.

Read on to see what are these?

  • Selecting the right venue
  • Planning the activities
  • Making arrangements for food
  • Deciding the outfits
  • Scheduling the time
  • Selecting chaperons and supervisors

We have elaborated what you need to do against each of the pointers mentioned above.

  • Selecting the venue:

There are a number of factors that should be kept in mind while locating school picnic spots near Delhi NCR. These factors include the time, distance, mode of transport and cost required for travelling to the picnic spot. Time should be properly managed and every activity should be as per the budget allotted. It should be kept in mind that the trip is started on the scheduled time.

  • Planning the activities:

What are the activities that the students should indulge in at the school picnic spots near Delhi NCR? Would you choose between a water park or an amusement park? Would it be an educational trip or a field trip to some monument of cultural heritage? As an organizer you should be clear of choosing a particular spot and plan the activities to be a done on a trip. This will help you in avoiding last moment chaos.

  • Making arrangements for food:

Well, this is one factor that you cannot avail to be lenient about by any means possible. Whether they are enough funds allotted to provide safe and healthy breakfast and lunch to students? Are there any perishable items being served? If yes, check if they are fine to be consumed. Ensure if any of the students is allergic to any food product. Many more similar questions such be pondered upon.

  • Deciding the outfits:

The organizers of the school picnics should instruct the students about what outfits should they sport on the day of their excursion. Whether they will be expected to turn up in school uniforms so that it’s easy to recognize them amongst the large crowd that flock the Best Picnic Spots near Delhi NCR or they should wear some other outfits suitable for excursions that will require them to be physically active.

  • Scheduling the time:

It is important to be careful about scheduling the time to be spent at the picnic as it will affect everyone attending the picnic. You do not want to start too early in the morning as the children might get really exhausted in case they do not sleep enough a day prior to the excursion. On the other hand, you should also take care that the children are dropped back home before the sun sets. Also, sticking to schedules is very crucial for the parents as they might start panicking for the well-being of their children if there might be a delay in contrast to the pre-decided schedule and timings of the picnic.

  • Selecting Chaperons and Supervisors:

It is important to appoint chaperons and supervisors who can assist the students around and guide them about what is expected from them on the day of the excursion. They will also lead the group of students and help in ensuring that the students stay safe.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are a myriad of things you might figure out after you do a little bit of speculation and brain-storming. Keeping the few basic pointers that we have laid out, you will be able to organize an above-average excursion for your students.

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