How to Turn Your Dorm Room into a Movie Theater

By on November 1, 2018
Dorm Room into a Movie Theater

When living in a dorm room it’s easy to miss the home entertainment setup. Watching Netflix on your computer is one thing, but sitting before a TV, with the surround sound blasting, is in a whole other ballpark. You can’t even compare the two experiences—they’re just not the same. Fortunately for you, turning your dorm room into a movie theater is rendered easy via modern technology. You can even convert your files into better formats to ensure your viewing experience is of the utmost quality.

Not having cable or easy access to TV is a nice perk that boosts productivity, but after a long day at school, sometimes it’s nice to power down the brain and let a show take over. We’ll show you how to do exactly that—but with style.

WiFi is the New Cable

Most dorm rooms are not going to have cable access. Cable is quickly becoming a thing of the past anyhow. That’s why you need to ensure your room is outfitted with WiFi and that, at the very least, it’s strong enough to stream. Unless you’re linked to a DVD or Blu-Ray player, it’s safe to assume you’re resorting to digital platforms. This may require you to start your own service, reach out to your RA, or install a WAP to boost your current signal.

Your Hardware

Do you have a TV on hand? Is there one already in your dorm room? If you have internet, then the next part of the puzzle is finding a hardware solution. Today, smart TVs are relatively inexpensive and come with software that allows you to connect directly to digital platforms. On the other hand, you can plug an HDMI cable into your computer and merge screens—which is a lifehack tons of college students utilize. Buying a new TV isn’t always in the budget of a college student but as the old says going, ‘out with the old and in with the new’ might just be the mantra you adopt for your dorm room theater.


Dorm Room into a Movie Theater

The TV isn’t what it once was. Millions of people have made the full digital transition, in which their TV is less of a cable-using, hardware-linked unit, and more of a screen they plug their computer into. They’re effectively an extension of the computer itself. TVs and monitors are mutually exclusive these days. That’s why considering a 4k monitor for your home theater is a 2-in-1. On one side, your viewing experience is in 4k. On the other, you can plug your computer into the monitor and utilize it for school work. More so, if you’re a graphic design, film, or architecture major, the 4k monitor will complement the skillset you’re developing and, more importantly, the type of work it requires.

The Portable Projector

Another option to consider is purchasing a portable projector. This will take more work—regarding your room’s layout—than installing a TV or utilizing a 4k monitor. But it’s incredibly rewarding. Become the bell of the ball with your new portable projector, which will give your room the cinema feel of an actual movie theater. Not only can these display crystal-clear, 4k video, but most units can adjust the projection size in order to suit different room sizes. Since they’re portable, you can take it anywhere and turn any friend’s house into a movie theater. Well after academia is through your peers will remember that one ‘movie theater’ house where everyone loved to hang out. This, beyond any other option, is the truest form of turning your dorm room into a movie theater.


Being that most options we’ve recommended stem from the use of your computer, you’re also going to need sound equipment. Having a vibrant screen is wonderful, but you can’t expect the sound from your laptop to fill the room. Investing in wireless, Bluetooth speakers is recommended. Even a soundbar will suffice—dependent on the quality of sound you’re looking for.

With current technology, turning your dorm room into a movie theater is easy, affordable, and doesn’t require much technical knowhow. Additionally, dependent on the hardware you’ve chosen, you can be creative about your furniture layout. Maybe even buy an old popcorn machine and setup a little stand with candy and snacks. The options are endless and completely up to you.


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