How to Up the Ante on Your Wardrobe this Summer

By on June 22, 2018
Summer Wardrobe

Summer is almost here and that means that it is time to revamp your wardrobe, guys! Sure, it might seem like summer style is targeted towards women (especially if you judge by the plethora of female-focused articles out there), but there are plenty of ways for a man to up the ante on his summer styles without having to do a complete closet overhaul. It’s true what they say: “Guys don’t need a lot of options, they just need the right options.” However, don’t be fooled by this simple statement. Finding the right options can be tough when it comes to dressing for your body type, complexion, personal style and lifestyle. So, pay attention to our tips and prepare to be the best dressed guy this summer!

Think Pink

Being a man can feel very restrictive when it comes to what you can and cannot wear, but those “rules” you have been adhering to your entire life need to be tossed out of the window. Yes, you can be a tough guy and still wear bright colors like pink (the horror!). Believe it or not, back in the days of cowboy hats and saddles, pink was actually considered a very masculine color and it wasn’t until marketing became a thing that it was presented as an inherently feminine color. Thankfully, it’s 2018 now and anyone can wear whatever color they want—which the style gods are thrilled about.

Summer Wardrobe

Think Pink

Now, finding the right shade of pink is the tricky part. If you are fair skinned, you might want to shy away from any pastel shades—it can definitely wash you out. Instead, look for richer, darker pink hues or balance a pastel shade with something else that is darker, such as a dark blue suit or a black pea coat. Once your eyes are opened to the world of pink, you will find that the options are pretty endless. Plus, you will get so many compliments, because nothing draws in potential love interests more than a bold wardrobe choice.

Protect Your Eyes in Style

Protect Your Eyes in Style

Protect Your Eyes in Style

The right sunglasses can make any outfit look instantly cooler and more put together. Seriously. Even if you plan on spending the day at the beach, the perfect pair of sunglasses can take you from looking like a beach bum to a runway model. Every good summer wardrobe needs several different styles and colors of sunglasses to choose from, so take your time finding the right ones. While ordering them online is easy, we recommend shopping for them in person—at the very least. You can find the shapes that work best for your face and then hunt for them online later. Once you find a couple frame shapes that work for you, stick with them. For instance, do aviators flatter your bone structure the best? Perfect, now have fun finding neat options in different colors and styles!

Accessorize Like a Pro

Accessories can literally apply to anything that is not a piece of actual clothing. From a ring to a scarf, if you want the perfect summer wardrobe, you will need to add a couple extra pieces in there. The easiest way to accessorize is by picking out the perfect essentials that you will actually use on a daily basis, like a great-looking watch. Lucky for you, there are countless styles of cool watches for men out there, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something. Since it is the summer, you might want to find a watch that won’t die on you when exposed to too much water.

Prepare for the Waves

Summertime is beach time (or if you live in a landlocked city, it at the very least means time at a pool or lake), so you better prepare by finding the perfect swimwear. This is one area in which a lot of men still dress like teenagers, so pay attention. If your swim trunks fall below your knees, get rid of them. Seriously. Right now. No self-respecting adult should be wearing long swim trunks. Do yourself a favor and find a pair of stylish trunks that fall to your mid-thigh. This might seem short if you are used to longer styles, but they will make you look like you know what you’re doing; plus, you will look much more European, and that’s never a bad thing.


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