How India has Honed the Analytics Industry?

By on August 17, 2017
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Survival in the business world without big data analytics is pretty unimaginable for most of the global enterprises. Everyone is engaging in some kind of data analysis for their growth. The depth to which an analytics programme can dig is quite fascinating. We can explore some interesting usages of data analytics by enterprises to realize its real impact on the world of commerce.

We are constantly revealing ourselves to the e-commerce sites by interacting on the social networking platforms. I am going to cite an experience which many of may have already had. I ordered a certain phone on the internet using a popular e-commerce site. The next time I opened facebook the first sponsored add was that of a tampered glass for the same phone I ordered. This is exactly what you call anticipating the consumer’s needs. The Internet of Things has connected the world in such a way that it is no surprise that you are approached with personalised ads on the social media. This was just a small example of how the businesses are working. You post a complaint against a food joint for delivering you cold food and another food chain places an ad in front of you saying that they’ll return your money if the food turns out cold. These small things can make a big difference for an enterprise and that is precisely why big data has become such a big deal.

E-commerce allegedly exposed the immense commercial value of big data analytics. What we see now is that it is practically running everything around the world and even beyond it. The rovers sent to Mars or the satellites circling round earth send a crazy load of information on a second by second basis. Receiving, storing, tracking and analysing that data is a huge task of big data analytics. National and international security is highly dependent on big data analytics. From surveillance drones to android phones, each and every product of modern technology is heavily endorsed by big data analytics.

India is a country that is only second to the USA in the size of its analytics market. The main thing about India right now is unbridled growth and expansion of businesses. The market is growing larger and expanding through all sects of the society. The most intriguing thing that is happening in the world of Indian big data analytics is that the data source is expanded right through the heart of the nation. Technically the largest populace of India belongs to the lower and lower-middle financial classes and a large chunk of them is actually being integrated with the body of commercial database. Smart phones and internet has penetrated all corners of the country and the market is expanding like wildfire. No wonder, there is an acute dearth of skilled data analysts even in the largest talent pool of the world. Excellent Analytics training Institute in Bangalore is playing a crucial role in supplying the analytics industry with trained workforce. But the supply hardly matches the global demand for skilled big data analytics operators and trained data science employees. The current situation of the job market poses a great opportunity before the Indian youth. Analytics training can lead them to a career both rewarding and interesting.

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