International Schools- What Is Education in International Schools Like?

By on September 26, 2018
International Schools

Education is the foundation for life in all its forms which promotes growth and development. International schools are guided by this philosophy and offer impeccable quality of education.

The curriculum of an international school consists of well-designed educational programs which help in the child’s quest for knowledge. This prepares them for the real world.

An international school is one which promotes international education, in an international environment. It follows either an international curriculum like IB (International Baccalaureate) or Cambridge International Examinations or even a national curriculum different from that of the country of residence of the school. For instance, many of the best international schools in Gurgaon follow IB curriculum.

Such schools mainly cater to students who are not the nationals of the host country like children of officials of embassies, children of expats or missionary organizations. Also, many local children attend such schools for accessing the high quality of education offered by these schools which will help them in pursuing advanced studies in foreign countries in the future.

When you study in an international school, you can learn a foreign language with the immersion method. Students use the second language to engage with the world in a totally natural and playful way. They are immersed in an environment where only foreign language is used. Because of this, they lose their early inhibitions and learn unconsciously. Thus, use of second language is enhanced.

Several years of immersion strategy results in fluency in second language like second nature and near-native quality. This strategy also helps in cognitive development of the child like creativity, linguistic abilities and to think out-of-the-box.

 Students learn to develop into committed adults having a strong sense of personal responsibility for their actions, how to relate to people of other languages and cultures, act as global citizens and responsible members of their community.

Many international schools have both day and boarding students. For day students, the school offers classroom instruction with fixed hours, supervised hours for home work, lunch and other activities.

The international school is a place to learn and thrive for its students. It provides a nurturing and stable environment where they can feel both suitably challenged and secure. In addition by playing, working and eating together, you get the opportunity to develop assertiveness, learn to share and feel proud about your achievements.

The school provides a stimulating and varied environment. It helps students excel in their academics and secure results which make them happy and proud.

Teachers of international schools are of diverse nationalities and cultures. They can train students to approach and solve problems in unique ways. They deal suitably with various kinds of learners. Also, use of modern teaching technology enhances and supports learning and teaching process.

Educational content is based on standards and regulations of respective state curricula and supported by international elements. Some international schools develop their own curricula. Today, the need is for independent and progressive learners. Children are presented new methods and ways to garner knowledge by independent means and practice their skills.

An international school aims to give young people the chance to develop into reflective and independent learners. They are encouraged to use their full potential and to cross their own expectations. It is ideal for children of internationally mobile parents such that their academics and other pursuits do not suffer due to this global mobility.


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