IP Helper “IPHLPSVC” Services Tuning? Windows 7/10

By on September 25, 2018

It is one of the main terms where that the windows which goes over the service to provides the tunnel connection with the help of IPv6 transition technologies. This is considered as the main service for the computer in terms of bringing the connectivity. Thus the important fact is that if the connectivity for the service has been stopped means, the computer will not work properly to deliver the benefits of technologies. When comes to offer the technologies, the services like connectivity plays the major role in the computer. This is the actual thing that we can expect from iphlpsvc.

Instructions to follow before startup

Most of the people don’t know that about the program which actually needs to run. When comes iphlpsvc, there should be a valid program mainly required to run for startup. For information, this is the main program that works mainly to start the program to work smoothly. As we mentioned earlier that iphlpsvc is the connectivity for the services. This is the main thing to follow for various stages for the working process about the benefits which helps to bring out the technologies. Some of the main technologies that provided here are ISATAP, Teredo and Port Proxy.

IPHLPSVC Services Tuning

How to start and stop Using Services.msc:(Method 1)

There is a service mainly leads to start the work and stop the work. It needs to follow some of the instructions at the right time. By following the services.msc you can always show the performance by starting and stop the process. To go with the further process, you need to handle with the step by step process for its connectivity. Let’s check out that how to get started at the right time. These are the given below steps will be very useful for the users while getting ready to start up.

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  • First of all, the users should visit the start button and click to go for the further process to handle.



  • Once it is done, check out for the search programs and files. This is the main function that you need to focus on the process before involved in it. Now enter services.msc to go ahead.

iphlpsvc SS2

  • After the process is done, you must mainly locate the IP helper which mainly carries the current status. By following the current status you have to make open the changes. These are the things that you can search it form the services. You could see that there are a lot of options available in given names.

iphlpsvc tuning SS1

  • Now move on to the general tab like that you can start and stop which is mainly helps to start up the type of IP helper. After the above process is done, you need to go over finishing process.For that, the user should press the ok button and close the services window.

iphlpsvc tuning SS2

  • After all the procedure, you can now move to the next process at anytime. It is always the main thing that you need to check out before carrying the steps to enter.
  • Now check out the IP helper properties to change the settings from the general. Once it is completed, the user can follow the startup type option. There you could see a number of options like Automatic, manual, disabled and Automatic (Delayed Start). From that startup type options, anyone can choose the option “Automatic”. By following the process, you can click the ok button at anytime for further procedure.

Registry Editor (Method 2)

This is the main method which helps to show about the startup for changes in the type of IP. Again you need to follow some of the important steps. However, this could be the best thing in terms of brining the information about the changes.

  • At first, you need to check out the start button from the menu. Then follow the option to enter Search programs and files.

iphlpsvc SS1

  • Then type as “Regedit” and click the enter button.

iphlpsvc tuning

  • After entering the process, users need to confirm User Account Control. By following this steps, please click the option “No”.  Until this process, everything has been done.

services tuning iphlpsvc SS1

  • Thus the important fact is you might face the issues if there is any modification has been done in registry incorrectly by using the Registry editor with the help of another method. This is the main problem which also sometimes leads the way to reinstall the OS. It means modifying the Registry editor is always makes you take own risk.
  • However when comes to Registry modification, the user must visit the Registry editor by following the option “start”. At this time,


  • you need to change the startup type in Automatic, Manual, Disabled and Automatic (Delayed start). When you come to change the values, you can replace 1 with 0 and 0 with 1.
  • How To Stop Ip Helper:This is the methos that shows you how to stop ip helper by regedit methodFirstly you need to open regedit menu by pressing windows and R button at the same time .Then goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\iphlpsvc and check for Start register key.Then double click on the Start and edit the value in it.Change Startup type :Automatic – 2
    Manual – 3
    Disabled – 4
    Automatic (Delayed Start) – 2

iphlpsvc disable


It is said to be the main method that how to start and stop that mainly functions with the change IP helper from the command Prompt. Now again the user should perform the following steps.

The user must visit the start menu and

iphlpsvc SS1

go over for the search programs and files. Now type as cmd and go over for the cmd icon in the programs then you are now ready to click “Run as administrator”.

iphlpsvc tuning

Once the process is done, the user should confirm “User Account Control” when comes to further process.

services tuning iphlpsvc

Now, this is the right time to select and copy a registry key, then press right-click on the command prompt window before pressing the enter button.

services tuning iphlpsvc SS1

The important fact that you need to note is with the option is disabled you can’t able to startup. To proceed over start and stop IP helper, you should enter keywords like to start”net stop iphlpsvc”.  Now follow the process to stop as “net stop iphlpsvc”. For information, you can also change the startup type in Automatic, Manual, Disabled and Automatic (Delayed start).

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Ms Configuration

This is the essential method to prevent IP helper service by the process of starting with OS using the configuration system. To proceed the function, you also need to go back to start in the menu and go for Search programs and files. Now write the

  • You also need to go back to start in the menu and go for Search programs and files. Now write the

iphlpsvc SS1

  • And go for Search programs and files. Now write the msconfig and click the enter button.

iphlpsvc SS2


Here now move to system configuration to proceed with the services. Now you are ready to locate IP helper. By without checking the box to protect, the service will lead to start for the progress and click the Ok button to complete.

System Configuration

How to proceed over iphlpsvc tuning   

People who are all seeking to know about iphlpsvc tuning for a long time can follow the given allotted instructions at the right time. Some of the important steps that you need to know are

  1. First of all the user must visit to “Go to run”.
  2. After entering the above process, you need to enter “msconfig” at anytime.
  3. By following the above process, the user must look for the IP helper that is iphlpsvc and proceed by unchecking it.
  4. Now go for unchecking it with the Distributed link by tracing the client.

These are the few steps that everyone needs to carry before jumping into the process of iphlpsvc tuning. For those people who are all struggling to find the right platform, then this is the best solution for the user to proceed over.

If you are looking for undefined iphlpsvc, it is very simple for the users to proceed with it.  You can just disable the iphlpsvc to stop from working.  It is the main thing for the users that who are all searching for the option to know about disable can handle it. When comes to undefined iphlpsvc, this is the procedure user need to follow at time. We all know that where the technologies that mainly support, if you are looking for iphlpsvc disable then it will not work for the last longer. By following this, you can limit your risk as well.

What to take?

These are all the main instructions that you should take along with you to start and stop. Also, we have mentioned that how to start IP helper and to stop the IP helper at any stage. So the main steps will be very helpful for the users to go ahead. All you just need to follow the start menu before starting the process.  It might be the common process for the users to follow. However, you need to be alerted when comes to the registry editor. It may bring you the risk while modifying.

Final words

People who are all interested and excited to use the iphlpsvc can get a chance to go over with the functions. By providing the tunnel connectivity with the usage of IPv6 makes a difference. About this service, we have discussed with step by step process earlier. Hope this will be very helpful for the seekers when comes to iphlpsvc. Also, the services tuning iphlpsvc with the instructions are also helpful for the users at anytime. For this purpose, we also shared some steps for the users to carry for tuning. For more details, searching over the web portal may give you the chance to know a lot more thing about iphlpsvc.


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