NAGO is the one who found Aliens

By on January 18, 2017

First, all the figures are painted white. Probably because they wanted to emphasize the unusual color of celestial characters. Next, what you should pay attention – this clothing. It is perceived as a strange coloring drawn figures. Australian Bushmen have no clothes at all – in the hot equatorial, tropical and subtropical climates of the southern continent, it is simply not needed. Strange “skin” characters on different parts of the body differ in color and “texture,” undoubtedly impressed the Australians that they are reflected in his drawings of Area 51.

And of course, we cannot ignore the strange sphere, inside which are placed the head of the heavenly heroes. The conclusion suggests itself so that the artist was trying to depict worn on the head germ mosh Elm. A whole, Aboriginal rock paintings in Western Australia is not only not contrary to the ancient myths, but they are a natural complement, and together they tell us the real story of aliens visiting Earth. What ended the visit of astronauts to the Australian Aboriginal land?

In contrast to the stories of other people, who arrived in Australia, heroes do not create high culture, did not build a great state and founded the royal dynasty. Surviving appliances gradually broke down, the unique, but completely useless knowledge lost. And the astronauts themselves eventually melted into the local population, leaving behind only legends and figures. And in such a tragic ending believe most easily.

Of the latter, published email addresses WikiLeaks shows that the US government is aware of the existence of certain types of UFOs – the so-called “fastvolkerov» («alien invasion» can be translated as “Shastra”). The term «Fast walker» uses the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Eng. North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD) and certain types of armed forces to describe unidentified phenomena, moving in the air and change direction at a speed which is not capable of any modern terrestrial technologies.

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