Online Assessment for Programming Candidates before Recruitment

By on August 12, 2017
Online Assessment

Save valuable time and effort by conducting screening tests for candidates appearing for a job vacancy. The candidates who score well will be selected and asked to appear for the final interview. So, you cut the candidates down to 200 from your original 2000 or more.

Check their skills before inviting candidates

You need to conduct the interview tests for programming skills to determine which of the candidates are suitable for the job. You can get the tests from the programming companies that design these tests. These companies design and put out question banks for all subjects including administration, front office work, skilled labour, and more. They will have the question banks for the Programmers that you buy and use to screen candidates.

Conduct tests for candidates

Organisations that check the skill sets get the best candidates from the field, and this saves them the blushes of hiring the wrong person. The various aspects of testing include the following things:

  1. Check skills in the backend: These tests would include Functionality testing, Browser compatibility testing, Interoperability testing, User Interface testing, and Security testing among other things. The software company will design questions for use that are based on these topics. Only those who are thorough in the topic will have all the right answers.
  2. Mobile tests: These tests will check the skills of the programmers in fields such as User interface design, Arrays and procedures, Animations and gaming, Data operation and flow control, and Wireless communication beside much more. You can see the results and pick the top candidates easily.
  3. Do front-end tests: The client-server programming would include Manual Support testing, User Interface testing, Intersystem testing, Compatibility testing, and Functionality testing among other tests. These are essential regions where you need to check the skills of the candidates.
  4. Database tests: Here you check the browser compatibility, functionality, storage and date volume capacity, load/stress capacity, and security testing among others.

As you can see the programming questions test the candidates in the specific areas where they must be proficient to be worthy of selection. This makes the tests indispensable.

Check the answers

Organisations that want fresh candidates conduct the test. They get the answers to the questions (or get the marked answer sheet) from the software developers. These results show them the right list of candidates they must select for their concern. They could also ask for the candidates who scored at least 85% so this will be a smaller list.

The software companies will send the list of candidates who passed according to the cut-off mark set by them or the parent organisation. This could be 40% which means that you will have 1000 or so candidates who pass. By setting the cut-off value at a higher level, say at 60% you could bring down the number of candidates to 500.

Spending a little money and time on conducting the interview makes the chore of screening the candidates that much easier. Since these tests are conducted online, there is a wide scope for the choice of time and space.

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