Online Entrance Coaching: These FAQs Will Clear All Your Doubts

By on June 18, 2018
Online Entrance Coaching

Every year thousands of students across India take up both medical and non-medical stream to become doctors and engineers respectively. India has many world-class educational institutes such as AIIMSs, IITs, NITs and more. Be it the medical or engineering field;there is no doubt that securing a seat in the top colleges in India is difficult. All students who wish to pursue medical sciences or engineering must crack the NEET or IIT JEE exam. These entrance examinations have a cut-throat competition and a vast syllabus that can overwhelm any student.

Most students opt for various preparation strategies to crack these competitive exams. Ranging from self-study to coaching institutes and tuition classes, students opt for these tradition mediums as a means to prepare for entrance exams. Most of the times, or let’s say almost every time, these choices are made by parents and not students. Since parents make these choices, it is essential to know that coaching for entrance exams is not limited to the traditional classroom. Today, learning via digital platforms is gaining traction and is becoming the preferred choice for both students and parents.

Ever since the advent of the internet in India, many digital platforms have come up with coaching classes that are conducted via digital platforms. They provide online entrance coaching to students for various competitive exams that is no different from traditional teaching methods. Nevertheless, today digital learning is not a buzzword, but students and parents are still sceptical about the online methods of learning.

Today in this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about online entrance coaching and try to debunk some myths that surround this medium!

1. Does online learning offerquality education?

Yes, online learning offers quality education. In fact, the course material is available across various formats such as eBooks, live interactive classes and recorded video lectures. All the course material is prepared by experienced and top-notch faculty. As opposed to classroom learning where a student can get any teacher, online education course material is specifically prepared by the best faculty an institute has to offer. For instance, online learning platforms like Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live provide students with hours of recorded video lectures plus live interactive classes that can repeatedly be watched for better preparation.

2. Will online learning benefit weaker students?

This is one of the biggest myth that surrounds both students and parents. Most parents think that online entrance coaching is only for students who are academically gifted, but on the contrary, this is not the case. Online learning is equally beneficial for everyone. The notion of strong and weak students is addressed through online coaching as it provides sufficient resources for any student to prepare for entrance exams.Not only this, with online learning students get to choose their pace and give time to each topic. However, had it been a classroom program, the faculty will move forward at their pace and not at that of the students.

3. Can online learning be accountable? How will I know if my child isactually learning something and not wasting his/her time?

Yes, online learning can be highly accountable. Parents have this belief that with online learning they will not get to see their child appearing in tests as in a classroom learning program. However, that’s not the case! Studying through online mediums such as Aakash iTutor providesstudents with over 1000 practice testsincluding AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series). These ranked tests allow students to gauge their performance on a national level. Furthermore, Aakash iTutor provides regular assessment tests to students including puzzles and other brain exercises.

4. Can online learning be personalised? Does it focus on individual attention as classroom learning procedures?

The best online entrance coachingwill have personalisedmodules that can be customised as per one’s need.For instance, if a student needs to take up a module on Kinematics in Physics, they can do that easily. So, yes online learning is highly personalisedand students can buy either modules, subjects or the entire curriculum. However, do note that this is only available with the best online learning platforms like Aakash iTutor.

5. Does online learning offer a full-fledged course, or it just has a supplement to classroom learning?

Like mentioned in the previous answer, online courses are highly tweakable and can be customised basis the requirement of a student. It depends on whether the student wants to revise or learn entirely from the online medium. Also, online courses are available across various variants including supplementary and full-fledged courses.


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