Outdoor Signage: A Tool to Strengthen Brand Personality

By on April 9, 2019
Tool to Strengthen Brand Personality

You can find a lot of different methods to create your brand, but if you don’t put any personality to it, chances are your brand won’t stand out or be recognized by your target audience. That’s why in building your brand, you should also know how to create and develop its personality.

After you have developed your brand personality, the next task is how to express and strengthen it. There are various tools to strengthen your brand personality, and one of these is with the use of outdoor signage.

Understanding Brand Personality

Before you tackle what will be the design or material of your outdoor signage, you need to know first what does brand personality means and what you’re developing for it.

Brand personality is a set of characteristics that your brand will be portraying and to which your target market can relate. Is your brand feminine or masculine? Would it target a stylish, athletic, or environment-conscious target market?

There are personality traits that your brand should be known for aside from the logo. And you need to work these personality traits that are tied to your brand when making informed decisions in choosing your outdoor signs.

Different Types of Outdoor Signs

The good thing about outdoor signage as a tool to strengthen your brand personality is that you can choose from a lot of different types of it. By knowing about the different types of outdoor signs,  you’ll have an idea of how to pull off a better message delivery and brand personality development.

For that purpose, here’s a list of examples of the various types of outdoor signage that you can use to develop and strengthen your brand personality.

Flat Signs

Flat signs are perhaps the most old-school type of commercial outdoor signage. By using an excellent and well-made flat sign, you’ll not fail to grab the attention and make a lasting impression on potential customers or clients.

Of course, choosing or making a high-quality flat sign for your business requires you to consider essential features, such as its size, color, font, style, and material. Aside from those features, you also need to put much importance on the proper placement of this type of outdoor signage.

Since you’re building the personality of your brand and strengthening how people recognize it, your flat sign should have the name, logo, or slogan of your business on it. You can inject the personality of your brand in the visuals on your flat sign.

Lighted Outdoor Business Signs

Do you want the personality of your brand get its well-deserved attention, right? Then, light outdoor business signs can help you big time. This type of outdoor signage is ideal because it allows you to express your brand personality by choosing different varieties of them for different purposes.

Needless to say that you also want to make sure that they keep the consistency of the elements of your brand personality. As such, the fonts, colors, styles should be compatible with each other.

When you put careful thought and proper planning for this, this type of commercial outdoor signage can play a huge part in your business success. Now, what are the different selections of lighted outdoor business signs that you can use in building your brand personality?

Stand Signs

Lighted exterior stand signs are perfect for delivering your brand message at ground level. For instance, you can put on them the name and logo of your brand as well as the location of your business. They can also be used to provide directions for people, or for displaying promotional messages or call to actions.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are a long-lasting and reliable tool to boost the personality of your brand and advertise your business. They are tall outdoor signage that can allow for easy viewing as one is driving or walking down the highway.

Pylon signs are also ideal to use to support other exterior commercial signs, such as stand-alone or flat signage. Like other commercial signage, pylon signs are useful in delivering your brand’s message and boost call to actions.

Channel Letters

You will see channel letters, also called dimensional letters, in most business establishments. They are useful in your brand recognition because they can attract the attention of anyone passing by your business establishment.

You can also use different options for its style, design, font, and lighting so that they are sure to stand out. For example, you can choose LED or neon lights for your channel letters. For some design inspiration, you can check out Shieldco designs gallery for that purpose.

Light Boxes

This type of lighted outdoor business sign is one of the best ways to advertise today. They can deliver the brand message to your target audience, and they are so visually appealing that it will surely catch the attention of anyone. You can use light boxes as an alternative to flat signs, or use them along with other types of business signage.


Indeed, outdoor commercial signage is an ideal way to strengthen your brand personality and advertise your business. You can use different types of outdoor signage, such as stand signs, pylon signs, flat signs, light boxes, and channel letters to that end.

You just need to make sure that they are high-quality and well-made for you to achieve the goal you want for your brand development.


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