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By on March 11, 2014

Your hair is frizzy. Your skin looks dry. You put on the wrong shade of makeup. The colors of your dress don’t just match with your pumps. You’re rushing your way to work and style. What made things worst of all is that you woke up with a red zit popping on the tip of your nose. And now you have a major beauty problem and fixing is would take a lot of time. What are you going to do? There’s no such thing as calling 911 for beauty emergencies such as this but there are quick fashion fixes that you can do to relieve you of your beauty stress. Ready? Here they are:

Dried and flaky lips

Nobody wants to apply rich color lipstick on parched lips. Use your lip balm or if you have coconut oil available, apply a bit of it on your lips. Get a tissue and swipe away dead skin cells that might be the reason for it being flaky. Dab a little of lip balm, line your lips with the lip liner and then apply your lipstick. And there, you now have perfect lined and colored lips.

Dry and flaky skin

Thank the heavens for coconut oil which is a great moisturizer and can work wonders on your skin. Keep a bottle handy and you’ll never worry about dry and flaky skin even when you’re on the go.

Chipped nails

Who wants to have their nails chipped? None and certainly not on a date. Don’t worry; you can always be creative by applying a new color to the tip or filing it altogether (which might take some time). If you don’t have a nail file handy, try to look out for used matchboxes and use the side you scratch to light the matches as a substitute. Another tip though, if you’re getting ready for a date, apply a fresh coat of clear nail polish to make your nails look fresh.

Mascara problems

Frequently reapplying? Not anymore. Use your baby powder to make your mascara stay longer. Curl your lashes as you wish and using a little brush, dab some into your lashes. This way, your mascara will have something to stick to and will stay longer. No need for frequent application.

Use your eyeliner for the perfect eyebrow and upper eyeliner

You would never dream of facing the mirror with an eyebrow obviously over-tweezed or an upper eyeliner gone out of line. To fix the problem, pencil your brows into perfection and remove any hairs that is outside your outline. Same with your eyeliner, use pencil eyeliner first to make a straight line before following it with the application of a liquid eyeliner.

Pimples and acnes

Those red zits that looks so ready to burst is a major beauty problem almost everyone face. You can never make the perfect makeup with them lying in your face. No need to be too anxious though. You can camouflage the pimples by using covering up. Use yellow-based concealers to hide the redness or green-based ones to totally conceal the bump with an illusion.

No more shaving cream?

If you forgot to buy a shaving cream for your legs, you can always make use of baby oil or use Vaseline (whichever is available will do) if you prefer. Unlike your usual shaving cream, the baby oil will keep your skin safe and even help make it look satiny.

Got oily skin on face?

You can’t just blame your T-zone or your sweat glands for that matter. Instead of using your face powder to blot out the oily feeling, head to the comfort room and take some of those toilet seat covers. The consistency of the tissue is one of the best blotting paper there is according to the makeup artist, Mary Lisa, at the Julien Farel salon in New York City. But if you think toilet seat covers are a bit icky, you can always pass by Starbucks, grab a few of their brown tissues and let it do the same job. You choose.


The reason why you can’t wear that fabulous heels you’ve just bought or complain of aching feet after a date is because of hardened calluses you didn’t pay attention to. Get your feet soft and in shape by giving yourself a quick foot spa. Slough off dead skin cells using a pumice stone as you shower. Apply a thick foot lotion and let it soak by covering your feet with socks. Do this the night before and you’ll go feet fabulous on your date as you go.

Dark circles around the eyes

Just use a pinkish eye concealer to create the illusion of well-rested eyes and you’ll be good to go with any eye make-up.

Pretty quick isn’t it? And better because you don’t have to spend much on making yourself chic and beautiful before a big day in.

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