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By on July 20, 2014

Let’s face it; in today’s market there is so much competition. Businesses of all kinds are vying for the attention of consumers. They are constantly bombarded with messaging of all kinds to win their business. With the introduction of so many new communication technologies, the volume of communication consumers receive continues to rapidly increase. With that increase in communication, consumers often times experience major burnout with companies and look for ways to unsubscribe from the messaging. Companies have to be extremely cautious in terms of how they structure their communication strategy as to keep as many customers active as possible. Here are some tips to keep your customers active, as well as reactivate them if they have disengaged.

Keeping Your Customers Active

In business, your success is always contingent on your customers and their behavior. They are the life blood of your company and have to be your focus as you seek to remain viable and to see increases in revenue. Of course there are the standard tactics you would expect to hear, like providing an excellent product, outstanding customer service, etc. However, beyond that you should be deploying other tactics that can help with retention. One of those tactics is email marketing. Email marketing is a low cost and easy way to get your messaging out to your customers to let them know of your current promotions or other news that would be relevant to them. Many companies have used email marketing successfully to build loyalty and increase sales. However, other companies have mismanaged the use of email marketing and have turned their customers off. They do this by sending too many emails, or emails that are not relevant to that particular customer. Understanding who your customer is, as well as their communication preferences is key to not losing customers because of your email communication.

Another way to retain customers is through social media. This can be a fun, interactive and engaging medium for your customers. It is a great way to get messaging out there and to better understand your customers. It is also very non-threatening. Just be careful not to overuse it and cause people to stop following you.


Okay, so how do you reengage those customers that have decided to stop engaging with your company? There are a few different tactics that can help with this, but one of the most important things to do when trying to reactivate customers is to look at their past behavior. What kinds of things did they purchase in the past? How often? What types of messaging did they respond to? All of these things are important to recognize, as you may be able to identify key messaging to help ignite their loyalty once again. Understanding their behavior, then crafting appropriate messaging to reengage them can really be the key to you recapturing their attention and business.

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