Roles and Services of Clearing and forwarding Companies

By on November 21, 2018
Roles and Services of Clearing

It is an irrefutable fact that export and import procedures are very complex and time-consuming. Hence, every exporter should avail the services of Clearing and Forwarding companies who are well-versed with custom and shipment procedures. It is very important that for smooth and timely shipment of goods, the exporter must appoint a Clearing and Forwarding companies who are able to provide the following services-

  • The arrangement of warehousing at port and transportation of goods to docks.
  • The warehousing facilities before the goods are transported to docks.
  • The advice on relative cost of sending goods by sea and air and booking of shipping space or air freight.
  • The arrangement for loading of goods on board.
  • All the information on shipping lines and freight to different destinations and various chargers payable by exporters.
  • The clear and forwarding companies should obtain marine insurance policies.
  • They should prepare and process the shipping documents, bills of lading, dock receipt, Certificate of Origin, consular invoice, etc.
  • Clear and Forwarding Companies have to forward bank collection paper.
  • Some clearing and forwarding companies also give storage facilities abroad. They warehouse the goods in case the importer refuses to take the delivery.
  • Clear and forwarding companies can also trace the goods through international connections.
  • The companies should also make the arrangements to assess the damage to shipment en route.

Underlaid are some of the essential services provided by clearing and forwarding companies-

  • Warehousing before Transportation

After the goods are manufactured and are ready for the shipping, warehousing, and goods are made available before they are transported to the port.

  1. Transportation

            When you receive the clearance from the port, goods are transported to the dock and warehoused in the port.

  1.  Reserving the Shipping Space

    As long as the shipping space is finalized, there is no guarantee about the shipment of goods. The clear and forwarding companies book the shipping space and make alternative arrangements for air-freighting.

  1. An arrangement of the Container

The movement through container has gained popularity to facilitate that export goods reach in the good condition. In case it is required, the service is provided.

  1. Selecting Mode of Transport

Selecting the mode of transport is the negotiation between the exporter and importer. Either importer or the exporter arranges the transportation, depending upon the price terms. Usually, companies provide information about different shipping lines.

Role of Clearing and Forwarding Companies

The basic function of Clearing and Forwarding Companies is to provide a different range of services to ensure the timely shipment of goods. They play a crucial role in selecting the mode and transport of route. They guide in selecting shipping line or airline. Every exporter is concerned with that goods should reach the final buyer in the specified time and at the minimal cost.

Cutting the long story short, the companies act as trouble-shooters for the exports in case of movement problems.

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