SEO Trends to Look for in 2018

By on January 10, 2018
SEO Trends to Look for in 2018

Times are changing and so are the ways to do things. Ever since the digital marketing has taken center stage and every marketing campaign is digitally driven, there has been a change in the strategies and trends ever since. What works today for the digital world might not bring effective results for you tomorrow. This change in trends is something that is bound to happen, and the best we can do is to predict and prepare ourselves for them. The Internet is full of articles talking about the trends of digital marketing of future. And, why not. The digital world is bound to changes that are crucial to know as it directly affects the marketing strategies of companies. One of the aspects of digital marketing that is known for the change in algorithms and methods is SEO. SEO is done to augment the rank of a particular website/blog on the search engines like Google. And, that’s why you should use a search engine optimization agency for your business that knows the trends and work to integrate the latest trends in your marketing strategies.

But, to give you the idea of how the SEO services are going to change in 2018, here are some SEO trends to watch out in the coming year.

SEO Trends to Look for in 2018

Voice search: You are very well aware of the Google Home and Amazon Echo and the Google Now for various searches. But, how do voice search affects SEO? Well, voice search is different than the text search and therefore, the results are different. It’s extremely important for the companies to understand the voice search and the logic behind it. For SEO there are certain resources that must not be blocked such as images, CSS files, and videos. Once those who can get the voice search SEO right can generate superior results for their company in the coming future.

Videos and snippets: A snippet is a summary of the answer to a query that you search on the search engines. They appear on the top of the search and are extracted from the web pages being served. Page title, URLs, and summary is what is included in these snippets and helps you to determine if the results of your search are what you were looking for. So, to have the SEO game strong, SEO agencies need to master the art of snippets.

Accelerated mobile pages: AMP is based on the fact that the SEO is focusing on the user experience. For better SEO results it is now mandatory to have a website that doesn’t lag, in other words, the website must be quick and have less load time. According to some reports, websites that have less load time have the much higher traffic than those with high load time. Therefore, load time is one thing that affects the SEO directly and going to be crucial in the coming year.

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