How To Be A Successful Spring Cleaner

By on March 5, 2018
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If you’ve been hiding in your blanket burrito since the last bomb cyclone, then you’re probably dreaming about the 21st of April, a.k.a. the first day of spring. But why wait until the Spring Equinox to celebrate Old Man Winter’s eviction when you can start even earlier? Jack up the thermostat, don your rain slicker, and start spring cleaning your office to stave off the last of your winter blues. It’s a good way to get you out of hibernation and into organization. And if you’re not sure how where to start, here are three tips to make you a master spring cleaner.

  1. Don’t rush yourself

A classic mistake made by novice organizers, speeding through this task can lead you down the road of failure. You’ve accumulated a lot of stuff since your last spring clean — which may or may not have completed several years ago. (This is a safe space; there’s no judgment here). You have a lot of work ahead of you. If you assume you can tackle everything in one afternoon, you’ll be disappointed and discouraged when you don’t hit your target, unreasonable though it may be.

Give yourself time to assess your task, so you can create a plan of attack. Make a list of the chores you want to carry out and write down your expected timeline. When you give yourself a reasonable amount of time to achieve these small tasks, you’ll feel accomplished when you hit your mark.

  1. Be careful with old documents

Though you may wish you could swipe everything into the garbage and call it a day, this quick cleaning technique poses a danger to your business. In your haste to rid your business of clutter, you could throw out something you need. Financial statements, intellectual property, contact information — it’s all data you may need in the future, especially when it comes to taxes. The CRA requests businesses keep tax receipts and supporting documents for as long as six years should they audit your file. They won’t accept your excuse when you tell them you threw it all out in spring cleaning.

That being said, you can safely dispose of older documents once you check their date. If they surpass the CRA’s suggested timeline, you can lose them to free up space in your office. But these documents don’t belong in a garbage can. Though the CRA doesn’t need them, these documents still contain volatile financial information. Should the wrong person find them in your trash (and only the wrong type of people is searching through your trash), they can use this information to open fraudulent accounts.

Make sure you check in with a certified shredding service dedicated to information security. These are the only services capable of destroying your confidential data before it ever reaches a recycling facility. The best shredding service Toronto has to offer can help you shred through as much or as few documents as you need. These document destruction services can accommodate any output.

Spring Cleaner

  1. Take advantage of organic cleaners

Once you removed clutter, your next step is to blow away the cobwebs. Though you may not have any literal cobwebs in your office, it’s a good idea to give your workspace a thorough cleaning. After all, it is called spring cleaning. Once you’ve dusted surfaces, swept floors, and vacuumed carpets, wipe down desks, office equipment, and other devices you use a lot. This will eliminate any germs, grime, and other detritus that can make using these items unsavoury.

Whether you purchase a brand-name spray or make your own with baking soda and vinegar, make sure your product doesn’t leave behind any odours that may upset your employees or customers.

Though simple, these three tricks form a great foundation for any spring cleaning, whether in the office or back at home. Get inspired by this guide and tackle the changing season with confidence.

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