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By on June 22, 2016
badminton racquets

Many of us play badminton as a game to remain fit. There are school kids who participate in various challenger tourneys, and finally, there are the professional guys going around playing in the open circuit. All of them need good racquets for the purpose, and the quality may vary from amateurish to the professional levels.

How to choose a badminton racquet

There are certain parameters that determine whether a badminton racquet is good or inferior. These parameters together also decide the price of the racquet. While buying them, an individual can make a better choice if some of these deciding factors are known.

Among the foremost of these factors is the string. The quality of the strings used depends a lot upon the material and tightness. The strings should be strong enough to perform well even when fitted tightly, and be durable as well. Besides, they must have good elasticity so that they can hit the cork for long distances.

The strength of the frame also plays an important role. The badminton racquet is often hit against the floor. The frame also holds the strings and hence has to bear the force that the strings go through. An ideal combination of a good frame along with high quality strings can give a racquet of good quality.

Price range available

The price of the racquets varies over a large range. The high priced ones are those that have great quality and are used by the professionals. The low priced ones are the comparatively inferior ones that are preferred by the amateurs. The overall range may vary from $39 to $259 and one can buy them online after having a closer look at the technical specifications.
The brands of the badminton racquets also play an interesting role. The ones belonging to good brands are often in the range of higher prices since they ascertain superior qualities. These racquets are preferred by the professionals taking part in various competitions for a win. For the amateur players who do it just for fitness, there are other low end brands that can provide the required performance at lower prices.

Why online buying is preferred

Over the internet, an interested buyer can check the available products as well as their specifications. The prices are also available for each of these products. Thus, buying online has the advantage that the choice can be a perfect one. While the senior experts can choose from the available products by looking at their technical specifications, the novices may have to depend on the expertise of a friend or a senior partner. But here, making the choice is easier as a lot of products are available under one roof. Also, the options that can be seen here are much more in volume as compared to what may be available in a retail store. Hence, making a perfect decision is easier while buying online. An individual can even make a good choice of colour from the range available out here, definitely a larger gamut as compared to any retail store!


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