Tips To Study Smart

By on August 22, 2018
Tips To Study Smart

We study so hard, yet sometimes, we fail to achieve the desired result. This makes us question the efforts we put in and we get demotivated. Most students after the disappointment, come to a realisation that studying smart is more effective than studying hard. One of the few things that differentiate smart students is that they don’t wait until the last few days before the exam to cover all of the syllabus for exams. They simultaneously study as they receive notes, helping them study concepts way ahead of time even before the exams are created.

Firstly, you have to identify the kind of learner you are. If visual learning works the best for you, then incorporate diagrams and pictures to your study session. For students who get distracted easily, take breaks during study session and re-energize. If you learn faster listening to others, then joining a study group would help you learn better. This article will discuss a few smart tips to ace exams.

Review Repeatedly 

Make sure to review your notes every day after class. This will help you to minimize the study time before the exam. By studying every day you help the brain to store information in the long-term memory. And, those who cram the day before the exam forget the information they study because the information is stored in the short term memory.

Understanding Is The Key 

Most students memorise everything they read without really understanding. This puts them in a difficult place when exams are structured in a way that requires the application of knowledge. This is the reason why students fail in spite of studying hard. Understanding the topics will help you answer any questions that appear in the exam. 

Test Yourself

Testing yourself helps you understand how well you know the concept. Often we feel we know the concept well, it is only when we try to answer a question we find the same concept challenging. One can use online worksheets to test oneself and refer to the solutions provided for it to validate the answers. For example, an 11th grader can refer the class 11 maths ncert solutions to validate the answers for all the exercise problems provided in the textbook. The NCERT solutions for class 11 is not just available for maths but for all the subjects in the curriculum.

Take Breaks

Information is retained better when you take breaks during your the study session. It is important to give the brain some time to absorb new information. Study for 30 minutes without any distraction and take a break for 10 minutes. 

Teach someone else

When you teach, you are forced to express information in your own words. So it becomes necessary to understand the concepts clearly. Teaching deepens our understanding of the subject.

These were a few tips to help you study smarter. Students can also find NCERT solutions for grade 4 to grade to grade 12 from the website.


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