Tools That Will Give You a User-Friendly Backup Experience

By on July 6, 2018
MySQL backup tools

It is beyond reasonable doubt that a day cannot pass without the need to use a computer for various operations arising. It means that so much information ends up being stored in the database. It is, however, important to note that the safety of your files is not guaranteed.

For this reason, organizations have their data backed up now and then by adopting database management systems and software such as MySQL backup tools to ensure that their database is secure.

All database backup tools serve an almost similar purpose. Nonetheless, you need to employ tools that are user-friendly.

Database backup tools you should consider for a user-friendly experience

  1. LiteSpeed

Do you have an SQL server database? LiteSpeed will be the perfect tool for your database backup. LiteSpeed will give you backup that is high speed and sensitive to storage space. Its ability to save up to 85 percent of backup size and duration makes it the best pick.

LiteSpeed makes the process effortless and low-risk at the same time offering several recovery alternatives. The beauty of it is that it allows integration of other storage solutions such as Amazon S3 to support functions such as cloud-based back up to further better user experience.

  1. HandyBackup

HandyBackup is a tool that automates backup for SQL servers. What is so good about HandyBackup? It allows you to save SQL database including everything that it entails: stored procedures, indexes, and views to mention a few. In a bid to simplify things, the tool uses the same interface for all versions of SQL servers not saying the variety it offers in storage.

Thanks to its automation functionality, it supports all forms of backup. Be it full, differential, incremental or mixed. To guarantee security, HandyBackup further compresses and encrypts your data. What more could you probably ask for if the tools allow you to schedule tasks and go about your business? HandyBackup is winning because it offers you more than just database backup.

  1. SQL safe backup

SQL safe backup will give you an experience that you will not probably get anywhere else in the market. Apart from the fact that its backup processes are easy to comprehend, safe backup saves time and secondary storage through compression.

What happens when outages threaten to slow down your operations? SQL safe backup will save you some recovery time by immediately accessing the data through a virtual database. SQL safe backup is the only tool that can recover specific items without having to tag the entire database along!

  1. SQL Backup Pro

What does SQL Backup Pro to make your experience exemplary? First of all, the tool has taken care of the speed of creating, restoring and verifying the backup. Its ability to compress backup saves on storage space and gives the tool network resilience which ensures that your backup does not fail due to a network outage. Also, its processes are automated to save your time. How secure is Backup Pro? Well, the security of your database is guaranteed by the heavy encryption that the tool employs.

  1. Percona XtraBackup

Last but not least, Percona XtraBackup is a backup tool that will offer you more than what you will have signed up for. For a tool that comes at no extra cost, you will get uninterrupted, fast and reliable backups. Thanks to its compression function, disk space, and network bandwidth will be conserved. What could be more exciting than a long uptime? You can count on Percona’s prompt restoration to give you 99% uptime!


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