Top 10 Colleges in Mumbai for Fashion Design

By on February 7, 2018
Fashion Design

Mumbai has pretty much become the hub of the entertainment industry. This includes the realm of fashion, which has quickly transformed into one of the most lucrative and interesting industries that is a viable career path for people to follow. However, keep in mind that there are a large number of fashion design colleges in Mumbai that will provide you with a less than ideal level of education when it comes to anything and everything related to fashion. To make sure that you can get the highest level of education possible when it comes to your fashion education, take a look at the top 10 colleges in Mumbai for fashion design.


  • Pearl Academy: If you truly wish to go for the best fashion designing courses in Mumbai, then we absolutely have to recommend Pearl Academy as one of the best institutes where one can go for a fashion designing course if they wish to do so. The facilities provided in this college are second to none, and you’d certainly enjoy a successful career in the fashion industry if you choose to go for such a lucrative course.

    National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT): When one talks about the best fashion institutes in Mumbai, it goes without saying that a reputed name like the National Institute of Fashion Technology will definitely top this prestigious list. The fact of the matter is that if you wish to kickstart your journey into the world of fashion, then NIFT Mumbai will prove to be absolutely invaluable in that regard.


  • Raffles Design International: This is an institute that’s a part of the prestigious Raffles Education Corporation Limited, which is one of the largest private education groups in Asia-Pacific. The first college of this education group was launched in Singapore, and ended up expanding into other countries like Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Switzerland and Milan.


  • International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), Andheri: When it comes to quality fashion designing courses in Mumbai, the International Institute of Fashion Design has proven to be a great place for aspiring designers to hone their craft. Situated in Andheri, this college provides world-class education when it comes to the field of fashion education, and can prove to be extremely useful when it comes to ensuring a successful career in the world of fashion.


  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology: Anyone who’s even vaguely interested when it comes to anything and everything related to fashion education can vouch for the fact that JD Institute of Fashion Technology can prove to be insanely useful for more reasons than one when it comes to kickstarting your journey in the fashion industry. If you truly wish to make the most of this opportunity, then make sure to enrol yourself in this prestigious institution.


  • Amity University: The roots of Amity University have been deeply embedded in various regions all over the world. This includes Mumbai as well, where the institute provides people with multiple courses in different subjects, including – you guessed it – various aspects of fashion which one can go for if they wish to expand their knowledge when it comes to this particular course.


  • International School of Design, Kandivali: Enrol yourself in this prestigious institute and get a valuable diploma in the field of Fashion Design and Technology, that’ll definitely give you a leg up when it comes to your future prospects.


  • MODART International Institute of Fashion Design & Fashion Management: Another great institute that provides an extensive fashion design and management course, MODART is a viable option if you want to improve your chances of attaining success in the fashion world.


  • ITM – Institute of Fashion, Design and Technology (IFDT): If you’re looking for a great and reputable institute to help you achieve great heights in the fashion industry, then ITM IDFT is a great pedestal that you can choose, if you wish.


  • Whistling Woods International School of Fashion and Design (WWISFD): Jointly established by Whistling Woods and Neeta Lulla, WWISFD will provide you with a great platform to help launch your fashion design career.


The best fashion designing institutes in mumbai mentioned above will help extensively when it comes to ensuring that your education in the fashion niche of your choice will be absolute, and will also let you enjoy a great and successful career in the world of fashion without any concerns to be worried about. After all – as we’ve mentioned before – Mumbai is the hub of creative arts, and there’s no reason why fashion wouldn’t see adequate representation here too.


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