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By on March 30, 2013
Fashion Magazines

It is considered magazines to be a collection of papers holding all the information found in the world. Magazines can be of various types including politics, media, entertainment, sports, war and terror attacks, fashion and many others. Most of the people choose fashion magazines in order to know something about the trends followed in the globe by other people. Each and every magazine publishes their own news relating to their countries and has the tendency to attract many people. The quantity and quality of the person differs from person to person, due to the availability of various types of magazines in and around the country.

Some of the top 10 fashion magazines 2013 are men’s health, vogue, time magazine, sports illustrated, rolling stone, people, national geographic, playboy, the lady magazine, real simple. Men’s health magazine will help you to know the man’s elevating life status and is believed to be one of the best magazines publishing the contents related to hygienic environment, balanced diet, exercise schedule and tips as well as other issues related to the health and wealth of a man. You will be able to know the new documented and raised fashion trends in every new edition of Vogue. It is possible for you to have an updated knowledge in outdated styles, recent trends and fashion designs, etc. Teens prefer to read this magazine, as it can be accessed easily and well-read as well as cheap to purchase.

People of all age groups will like to read Time magazine, which is believed to be the well esteemed and oldest magazine that will normally publishes the burning problems happening in the world and emphasise on its importance and solutions. Sports illustrated will involve all type of sport news and updates. Though the features about sports are limitedly published, most of the people intent to know information about hockey, soccer, cricket, badminton, etc. Rolling stone is one of the popular magazines dealing with politics and music attracting the youngsters.

Do you want to know any news and views about the celebrity? People’s magazine can help you to gather information about the celebrities and million copies are being sold in the United States and in many other places. People call this magazine to be one of the best-selling magazines, which will contain the detailed section of the celebrity interviews and discussions that are liked by their respective fans. National Geographic is the most important channel in the television telecasting the news about the wild life and ecosystem. This is also a magazine that has been listed under top ten and will deal with industrial output, educational matters, life-associated issues, and scientific developments, etc.

Most of the adults will like to read Playboy magazine that has huge number of readers and subscribers. In this magazine, you will come to know the contents of interviews and stories of the celebrities. Lady magazine is the most demanded and most wanted in the United Kingdom and deals with the moral and social issues of the females. Real simple is a specifically designed feminine magazine that involves various problems related to creative skills, cooking recipes, etc.


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