Top legal websites to download torrents

There is a misconception that only illegal downloads can be done through torrents. But this is not the actual case. There are many torrents like thewatchseries, which also provide legal content, and people can download movies, songs, cartoons, and other content without facing any problem of copyright. Government is always in search of such websites and fines them heavily. I the users want to download anything from torrents, they should use VPN and they will be free from the worries of copyright issues. Here are some of the websites that have legal content and people can download movies and other digital content without any legal issues.


Vodo is a website which around 200 movies and films. These movies are of full length and belong to good producers. The content on the website is absolutely free and people can download the movies without worrying about legal issues. Users also have the option of donating money to independent artists.

Public Domain Torrents

Most people in the world try to do everything legally and if they have to download movies legally, they can navigate to public domain torrents. This torrent has a huge library of classical and B movies. The site is updated regularly with new movies. People can also find old movies, which belong to the 19th century. Everything is available for free on this website and people can download them easily.


The old name of this website is Azureus and it is a hub of legal torrents. It is a legal tormenting site in which many digital contents are available like movies, TV shows, documentaries, TED talks, etc. People can directly navigate to the Vuze website or through a torrent client. The design of the website, as well as the client, is very good and the content can also be accessed easily as it is divided into categories.

Miro Guide

Miro Guide is an internet TV playing service whose client has a feature of searching the required content with the help of BitTorrent Protocol. This program has a huge library of legal torrents and people can download movies and audios. Besides this, podcasts are also available in multiple languages and people can listen to them free of cost. The main screen of the site consists of many categories and users can find the movies of their choice and download.

Internet Archive

This website is similar to public domain torrent The website has many old movies and TV shows which are divided into different categories like horror, comedy, drama, family, kids, etc. The user interface of the site is not good and searching something is a challenging task.


This is a website, which people can use to listen to free music and podcasts. There are around 1800 audios and 200 videos. Another feature of this website is that the content is available in multiple languages and is arranged in alphabetical order. Users also have the option of sharing their ideas with the help of podcasts.


Jamendo is a website, which has a large library of music. There are around half a million tracks available on the site. These tracks belong to round 40,000 producers around the world. The content of the website comes under creative common license or CCL. Another feature available in this torrent is free radio and users can listen to the music of many genres.


People can navigate to this website to watch live concert videos. There are many old and new legal torrents available on this website, which people can stream legally. The artists share their footage on the website and do not prohibit the users to download and see them.

This is a torrent, which has the feature of providing a platform for independent musicians to share their music. The user interface of this site is very simple and easy to use and users can download the movies free of cost.

BitTorrent Now

This a website which promotes music and videos made by independent artists. There are some artists whose music and videos made this site very popular.

Wrapping Up

These are some legal torrent website from where users can download music, movies, videos, and other digital stuff without worrying about any legal issue. All the contents available on these websites are legal and can be downloaded at free of cost.

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