Traditional Significance of the Birthday Celebration

By on November 23, 2016
Birthday Celebration

Celebrating a birthday involves many traditions. These are a mixture of practices from various cultures but they have evolved into one grand celebration we call the birthday.

  • You must have a cake
  • Everyone sings the birthday song
  • The birthday child blows out the lit candles placed on the cake
  • All the children give gifts to the birthday child

You can bake your own cake or search for good birthday cakes online. While ordering, use these thumb rules so you do not run short of cake.

Thumb rule for ordering your cake

For every 15 people, you need one 10-inch round cake. This is the same as ordering one quarter sheet cake which is about 9 x 12 inches in size. Get some take-home boxes from the same bakery so you can pack the cake for your little friends. If you go by weight, you need 1 pound cake for every 5 people. Or a 2-pound cake of 9-inch size will give you 9 – 12 servings.

If you have a guitar player in the house, or a piano then the song will sound merrier. Get the birthday cake candles in time. Be sure to light them just before the children settle down around the cake to sing the birthday song.

Every child will wish for his or her gift to be special and so you must allocate enough time for this. The children will come one by one and give their gifts and wish the birthday child.

Importance of a birthday

In your group of friends, you share the things like anniversaries and birthdays. You might share more, but when you care about the relationship, you should share these dates. When you care, you make it a point to attend the party and show your appreciation. Likewise, they will drop in on your birthday and tell you what a wonderful person you are. Over the years, these things build up and become a friendship that lasts.

Importance of the birthday cake

The cake is symbolic of children and celebration. They are the anchor to the dreams and goals you build when you are small. At the birthday party, you take the first small steps towards fulfilling that dream. Remembering this, you show your children the right approach to build that dream. They might not realize the importance of the birthday cake but you are there for them.

The different options present when choosing the birthday cake is enormous. You have caramel mud cake, banana cake, chocolate fruit cake, Walnut chocolate cake, and Angel cake. Besides which you can also have layer cake, ginger bread, red velvet cake, and plum cake. Do not shirk from the choices but revel in the huge amount of choices. Birthdays are rather special you know.

If you are ordering your cake, be sure the cake delivery takes place ahead of time. In case, you see some delay, you can check up with the store and take steps to get the cake in time.

So, after the children play their games and take leave you realize that you have crossed another milestone in your life. At least, you enjoyed it and did it in style.


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