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By on October 16, 2018
transform Your Workspace

Furniture mobility is one of the fastest growing trends in the furniture world. The ability to move a furniture piece has progressed from just an option to a necessity. This development is mainly because of a growing need of personalization of private spaces and the need to experiment on different décor designs.

The idea of a static design is not only outdated but it is also dull. The best and affordable way of bridging the gap between the ever-growing need to redesign spaces and easy movement of furniture is wheels and casters. Casters are without a doubt solution to many furniture issues and this explains the consistent growth in the design and manufacturing of these pieces.

What are casters and wheels?

The simplest definition of a caster in the furniture world is the relatively small wheel attached to furniture. The size, shape, and color of wheels and casters depend on the designer or the manufacturer. Therefore, different companies have different caster makes of different makes all aimed at different markets.

Factors to consider before settling on a type of caster

The following are some of the factors that a consumer must consider before investing on a caster.

  1. The weight of the furniture

The weight of the furniture is without a doubt the first factor any furniture owner should consider before making any investment. The weight of furniture influences the shape, design and more importantly the appropriate number of casters and wheels. With a correct estimate, the furniture owner is in the right position to make the correct investment of caster.

  1. The surface of the room

The nature of the room surface is also a major determiner of the caster buying decision. The golden rule in determining which type of caster to buying in relation to room surface is how hard or delicate the room is. For a less delicate surface such as on a carpet, a metal or alternately plastic caster is appropriate. However, for relatively delicate surfaces such as on tiles or on wood, urethane casters are most appropriate.

  1. Furniture mobility needs

Although furniture mobility is very subjective, some realities about furniture movement are vital. First, it is important to note that a larger caster makes movement easier compared to a relatively small one. It is therefore important to make the caster size decision on the need to move the furniture easily.

Alternative benefits of casters

Apart from casters being vital in furniture movement, they are vital in the following areas too. First, the choice of color can help the homeowner achieve a specific décor theme. This is because unlike other furniture accessories, they are highly customizable.

Second, casters are ideal for protecting floors from unnecessary scratches that are common on delicate floors. Urethane casters efficiently protect floors made of wood and fragile tiles. This not only helps in reducing repair cost but also retains the shape of the floor for a longer period.


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