Types of Food Storage Containers

By on October 29, 2018
Food Storage Containers

Storing food can be quite a hectic affair. Canned foods and drinks can fill up almost all the space in the kitchen. The kitchen pantries are also shrinking by the day due to the cost of space. Not most people have the space to store all the canned foods and the fresh foods. When you want something that is at one end of the shelve, other foods might spill off in the process causing a lot of disorganization and untidiness. Storage containers can assist you to utilize your space appropriately and keep your space tidy while at the same time save on space. When deciding the kind of containers to select from, there should be several considerations you should take to decide which one is for you. There are containers which have the right material to store specific foods while other containers have the right shape to save you on space and allow proper retrieval of contents.

  1. Storage Materials According to Design

When it comes to the material of containers, there are many materials that come in different sizes and shapes. There are those that come with small sizes where you can store small amounts of food and larger ones that you can store cereals and flour. There are also other tall varieties which can store pasta. Therefore, whether you are in need of a container to food in your restaurant or home, it is up to you to decide what kind of container to use for that particular task from the large variety.

  • Glass Containers

Glass containers come with aluminum, wooden or glass tops which come in a variety of sizes. Glass containers are very elaborate in storing fruits and vegetables because their internal temperatures are not easy to tamper with and also take long to change. Glass containers if well handled can also last for many years to serve you well. They are one of the best food storage containers.

  • Acrylic Containers

Acrylic containers can come in many varieties of shapes of sizes from rectangle to tall. They are also very strong to withstand almost any stress. Lids also accompany the containers and are very easy to seal to prevent any air from sipping in.

  • Stainless Steel Containers

Brushed stainless steel containers can give your cabinet an elegant look due to their smooth seamless surfaces. When stored alongside other containers, they form a nice rhythm of beauty to your countertops. Some stainless steel containers have clear spots and others writable surfaces where you can easily label the date of storage or the king of food under storage. The durability of the containers cannot be emphasized enough because there is no comparable container when it comes to its long service.

  • Ceramic Containers

Ceramic containers are very fancy yet breakable. They are very good at storage but most of all give your cabinet beauty and character. They come with lids that can be closed by clocking at four points or by pressing at the middle to seal the content inside from damage. Ceramic containers have an antique look and have an etched design that makes them look exquisite. They are designed for people who love elegance and beauty. Storing and presenting food at restaurants would be fancy and attract clients who love class.

  • Canister Containers

Canisters have a rugged look which makes them unique and special. They are usually made of either acrylic or hard plastic material that make them appropriate for storing every kind of food from sugar, grains, floor to fruits. They have lids that seal strongly when pressed down to prevent any bacteria from invading the food.

  • Copper Containers

For ages, copper has proven to be very dependable when it comes to food storage. Brushed copper is very nice looking when placed on countertops. Copper is also nonreactive with many elements which guarantees you food safety. Copper is also very durable and can serve you for numerous years without being destroyed.

There are other determinations you should take to ensure that the container you select is the one that you really need for what you are doing.

  1. Measurements and Graduations

Food containers do a great job in the storage of foods and drinks. There are however other additional needs that you may require a container to do other than storage for instance measurements. There are containers have volumes indicated on the surfaces of the container to inform you of the quantities that sit in the container. This is very important for restaurants where measuring quantities is a very important process.

  1. Stack Ability

Space is very vital and saving on it will be one of the main aims of purchasing a container. Therefore, if you are low on space, there are containers that have smooth lower surfaces that have interlocks and allow you to pile many of them on top of each other so as to save on space.

  1. Safety

If you are working in a cabinet that is maybe high above and you may drop a container once in a while by accident, then you need a safe container. The weight of the container should also be light to prevent you from straining when you want to get them off the shelves.

  1. Purpose

There are different purposes for using containers. There are containers for storing cereals while there are others for storing fruits. Other containers you can use to heat food in the microwave. So, for whatever use you want for the container, it should be the right one.

Food containers enhance the safety of our food and also save on space. The containers also help in arranging the kitchen contents to keep them tidy. Therefore, if you want to store food in your restaurant, there are many reasons to choose a container for it.






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