Using iPhone! Here are some free news applications that keep you updated!

By on November 10, 2017
Using iPhone

To keep themselves updated with the latest affairs of the world, people are generally moving towards online news applications. Whether you are using an Android cell phone, or having the latest iPhone, you can easily tune into your favorite news no matter wherever you are. Through PDF pages, the news applications have made it quite feasible to get in touch with the latest trends via blogs, news outlets, citizen journals, etc.

Are you using an iPhone and looking for an application that drives you towards blogs or online news bulletins instantly! Here are some wonderful subscription free news applications that would surely help you out.

  • Flipboard

Flipboard comes with a good package of digital magazines and newsletters you might be looking for. It also gives you an opportunity to have a control over the news sources that are loaded on the news app. While looking for news headlines today, Flipboard would be the best place to visit which also connects you with other socio media applications like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This is also the best way to sign in to the application while looking for categories like lifestyle, design, technology, politics, business, etc. The user can also save, share, comment, etc. the magazine article using the red ribbon icon.

  • Circa

This application is widely selected by the younger generation. This free news app gives you quick streaming to the latest stories through notifications. You can also begin reading articles from the Web as the team of Circa contains editors that provides you with accurate stories, facts, photos, videos and quotes. The app comes with both short and detailed stories to go through as per your choice, which saves your precious time. The app also grounds the news headlines today corner giving you direct grounds to the highlights for those who lack adequate time.

  • Pulse

Pulse is one of the subscription free news app that is similar to the space provided by Flipboard. It brings you the latest news that comes from different countries and outlets, with interesting topics to screen on. The app not only covers the latest news, but also provides detailed news on categories like gaming, technology, lifestyle for both men and women, and much more to go through. You can choose from hundreds of titles according to your niches that gives you the best reading experience.

  • Zite

Zite is a beautiful site to sign in for getting the details from each corner of the earth. The home screen of the application comes with the list of relevant contents you are looking for with complete details. You can choose your topics, share it, ask for suggestions, provide comments or views, join it through social media sites, and much more which gives you a smart reading option.

Apart from all these, you can also look for other free news apps like Google currents, Feedly, Digg, Pocket, etc. to enjoy your reading passion and gather some facts.

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