What you should not do when implementing web design and Instagram marketing

By on April 30, 2018

When you create a good website as the digital face of your business and do put in SEO and social media marketing efforts to promote it, many tend to make mistakes due to ignorance. In fact, one needs to make sure that you do things in the desired manner in the best interest of your business from the very first point of designing a site.


Instagram don’ts


  • Don’t use the boats


You can use it at a minimal level to automate your Instagram interactions, but using bots to like, follow, and comment people overtly is inauthentic. You may find that most of such comments bots put in are unrelated to the content or message shared. So, to be authentic and engaging, this has to be mostly done manually.


  • Don’t just follow to unfollow


This may drive others crazy. If you don’t have interest in the following someone, then don’t simply check the follow tab. If you follow just to unfollow them later when they start to follow you, it’s rude.


  • Don’t simply focus on numbers


If you focus the only number of followers, it may sometimes drive you crazy, but you may not see any actual results. Try to focus more on having those already follow you with proper engagement with your content, which will naturally help you build slow and steady.


Instagram following

In reality, one can use many methods to increase Instagram follower count but doing it somehow will not be benefiting you overtime. You need to ensure that there are real Instagram followers who actually would prefer to engage with your brand, it’s content, and be enthusiastic about what it offers based on their needs and preferences. This needs excellent marketing insight, and it is also essential that one needs to be careful in building the most appropriate Instagram following from your unique target group.


Web designing don’ts

Let’s next have an overview of some basic web designing rules you need to keep in mind.

  • Don’t overdo with 20 colors

Having all the colors present on your screen may not look bad but may annoy several of your readers. Make sure the colors not only blend, but also compliment your theme and logo at best.

  • Don’t make your pages difficult to scan

People may not find several minutes on your page just to figure out what your site is all about and for something which they wanted to find. Designers need to ensure that the viewers get the right info at the first point itself by making the page easy to scan.

  • Don’t compromise on loading time

Don’t leave your users impatient just to see a fantastic graphic you intend to show them. You need to ensure optimum speed Make sure that you compress the CSS files and use hosted JavaScript files and make sure that your page is designed and coded with optimum speed in mind.

Take care of these few don’ts to ensure a better performance online in the highly competitive digital marketing platform to earn some real results and reputation.

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