Why Use Stencils In Your Life And How To Use It

By on July 30, 2018

Well, it might look a bit complicated at first but using stencil is not that difficult on walls, furniture and fabric. You just need the right tools for that and some proper techniques. It is hard to buy some well-designed furniture from store as that will cost you some hefty amount. Well, to avoid that, you have stencil for the rescue. Now, you probably must be wondering about the reasons to actually go for stencils when you have so many other options too. Why do you need it in your place? Let’s just get into details for a change.

  • Well, wallpaper sucks!

Yes, you might have come across some fabulous looking wallpaper, but is it that cheap? Well, these wallpapers might look trendy when applied for the first times, but look at few years back and you will know why it is not a clever choice. First of all, it is permanent. It cannot be removed that easily. So what if you don’t like the wallpaper? You have no other option but to deal with it. That’s when you need flexible alternative, which is a stencil.

color Stencils

color Stencils

  • You can try to be fickle:

Once you applied any wallpaper, you have to deal with it. But that is not the case with stencils. You can easily change the taste with it, and without even wasting any money. You can easily stencil the wall to be looking like new wallpaper every time!

  • You can easily use stencils so many times:

The best thing about stencil is that you can use it multiple times to cover your needs! But first, remember that stencils can be a bit pricey sometimes. But, if you can use it a minimum of 9 times on nine different projects, then it is quite worth it.

  • Easiest ways to make things quite amazing:

Stencils are perfect ways to make things fabulous. Even your plain and simple furniture will get a great taste to it, once you add some stencil surprises on top! Therefore, it is vital that you need to buy online some stencils and get some discounts if you are lucky!

Now for the steps:

So, the points are enough to prove the importance of stencils. You have learned multiple ways to use them and it makes you happy. But now, it is time to learn ways to use this material well.

  • First of all, you have to find the right stencils, for matching your job type.
  • For the next step, you have to find the right “thing” or “design”, which you are planning to stencil.
  • You need to get the right accessories for covering this task. Some of those are flat paint, stencils, spray adhesives, stencil tapes, smaller foam roller, smaller pain brushes and stencil brushes.

Once you have the all the materials in hand, you are most welcome to start with your stencil project. Yes, it takes time and there are high chances of you making mistakes. Well, don’t lose hope and try again. First, practice in other areas before touching the final product.

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