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Can Astrology Predict when will one Get Married According to the Date of Birth?

Marriage is considered a sacred institution across all beliefs. It is a sacred bond that binds two people in holy matrimony for rich or for poor, in sickness and in health. For a marriage to be fruitful and long-lasting, it is important to choose the right partner. Astrology has played an important role in predicting the timing of marriage as well as also understanding the compatibility between the prospective bride and the groom. Astrology helps us to know when we will get married depending on the placement of planets at the time of our birth which is depicted in our natal chart.

Predicting marriage with the date of birth

A horoscope is charted with the date, time, and place of birth and this horoscope provides a glimpse into all the life events that occur, including marriage. Hence astrology provides an easy tool to predict when one would get married based on their date of birth. It is calculated with the help of the Dasha along with the transit period thus determining the exact timing of marriage. However, the date of birth provided must be accurate.

Predicting love or arranged marriage with the date of birth

Astrology also helps to determine whether an individual will have a love or an arranged marriage. Indian society is now more open to love marriages than in earlier times. Astrology provides various ways to determine what an individual should opt for.

Predicting any delays in marriage

The marriage yoga in a horoscope helps to predict whether there would be delays in marriage. Marriage yogas may consist of a minimum of five marriage cycles. During these cycles, depending on whether the favourable planets for marriage are debilitated or exalted, the chances of marriage may increase or there may be a delay. A delay is usually caused if the favourable planet is in debilitation. Thus, Vedic Astrology helps to predict the reasons for delays in marriages. However, often at times, the individual may choose to forego a favourable phase due to some circumstantial reasons and this causes a delay.

Predicting the age of marriage

Astrology helps in predicting the exact age of marriage based on the planetary positions of the favourable and malefic planets. If the seventh house is not occupied by Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Saturn, then you may get married before the age of 22. If Mercury is placed in a favourable position, the individual may get married between the ages of 22 to 25 years. If Shani or Rahu are affected, marriage may take place at age of 27.

Determining marriage compatibility based on the date of birth

Marriage compatibility is an essential part to sustain a marriage. Astrology helps to determine marriage compatibility prediction with the help of date of birth using a methodical combination of charts which helps to match all aspects including behaviour and physical aspect. The “Guna Milan or Ashtakoot Milan is just one of the aspects of checking marriage compatibility along with checking for the presence of Manglik Dosh, power of Navamsa chart. A skilled astrologer would check all of these aspects while predicting the compatibility of the couple.

Solving relationship problems

Astrology is a powerful tool not just to predict when your marriage would take place it is also an important tool to solve relationship problems with the help of astro-counselling. This method analyses the couple’s horoscopes to check for conflicting planets which produces negative effects. Remedial measures such as karma correction and Vedic rituals are suggested to mend the conflicting relationships and thus helps the couple to enjoy a harmonious relationship/

Thus marriage astrology is a combination of analysing marriage horoscope and providing marriage prediction. With the help of astrology, it is possible not just to predict when you can get married, it also examines marriage compatibility and neutralizes the effects of the malefic planets that may cause issues in relationships. However, the most important fact remains that you seek the services of a skilled and knowledgeable astrologer who can guide you better and provide accurate predictions.

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