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Different Style of Clothing On a Beach Party

Last updated on January 31, 2020

Every place you visit has an antiques and a dress code associated with it. There is a list of dos and don’ts. Let us take going to a restaurant as an example. You go to your favorite place and you order soup, you cannot eat it with a fork now, can you? The fork is the don’t and the spoon is the do of your soup. Similarly is the case with something as mundane as the task of drinking water, you drink from a glass or a cup, not a plate. These examples are limited for you to get a clear picture that’s why let’s take the example of the fashion world.

Fashion is considered to be art. It is an expression of freedom. It is a platform where you are free and can be anything you want. You can have pink hair or ice blue hair, you can wear anything that you want. Fashion has no restrictions or boundaries but it does have categories that contain specific looks. For example, let us take a beach party. Beachwear consists of bikinis, snake print bikinis, shorts and so on. You cannot expect a person to wear a full-length sparkly gown to the beach. Thus, these categories help you sort out what you need to wear and what to avoid. These will be the ‘’ dos and don’ts’’ of the fashion world. There are so many different styles and looks in just one category that it is hard to decide on one.

Following are the different styles of clothing on a beach party:

  1. High Waisted Shorts

While yes, the most common beach attire is a bikini that does not mean that that is the only option to go with. You can rock the beach look if you mix and match and be trendy. This is why you should invest in high waisted shorts. High waisted shorts make you look very tall and slender. Moreover, they can be paired with pretty much anything. Get yourself a pair and complete the outfit with a bikini top. Your shorts can be basic denim or it can be black and ripped. You can pair them with different styles of bikini tops; some are off-shoulder, some are sleeveless, some have a halter neck and so on. You can then proceed with accessorizing your look. Carry a straw bag with you, wear shades, wear platforms or wedges. You can also wear a beach shrug cardigan on top of your whole outfit and you are good to go.

2. Sarongs

If you want to channel your inner Hawaiian princess on the beach party, you need to go for the sarongs. Sarongs are a piece of fabric casually wrapped around your waist. They can be wrapped around you in several ways. You can tie them to reveal most of the legs or even in such a way that covers most of your legs. They come in beautiful patterns, vibrant for example in Aztec, abstract, floral, stripes and so on. They are made from colors like shocking pinks, yellows, blues and you get the idea.

Wearing a sarong to a beach party would make your look very unique and you will surely stand out amongst a crowd of many. Not only sarongs are extremely comfortable, but they can also be paired with all sorts of tops. You can wear bikini tops on them, tube tops, cropped tops and even a casual t-shirt that you can knot at the front. You can never go wrong with sarongs. Pair them with the right accessories and you are beach ready.

3. Beach Dress

Beach dresses are another very comfortable choice for the beach party. They come in different types. You have your traditional floor-length dresses or short ones that finish just above the knees. You can also have beach dresses with a leg slit or one with a high low back front. Then you have the various necklines. Again, beach dresses can be found in a sleeveless, halter neck, off the shoulder or half sleeved. Beach dresses are flowy and made from a piece of very light fabric such as chiffon. They come in light beachy tones with blues and whites or floral patterns with pinks and purples. You can also find them in blacks and darker tones. Beach dresses are very comfortable and manageable. They can be paired in a lot of different styles. Be it wearing a satchel bag over it or a sun hat the dress will complement anything. As for shoes, flops, sandals, gladiators or wedges will look good with it.

4. Jumpsuits

If you want to look very chic and trendy at your beach party and want to be the center of attention then, you need to go with jumpsuits. Now I am not talking about full leg jumpsuits. Wear short jumpsuits that end above the knee. For example, like high waisted jeans, give you a very tall and slender look. Jumpsuits look very stylish. You will find jumpsuits in all patterns and fabrics and if you know how to accessorize them well then you can rock any of the looks. You can have your jumpsuit in different fabrics as well, like chiffon jumpsuit, your lace jumpsuits, your cotton jumpsuits and so on. They can be in solid colors like black, red, navy blue, white and so on. They can have different designs and patterns on them and come in various styles. Additionally, you can go a little extra with jumpsuits by wearing a pair of hoops with them, wedges and a hat. Wear a watch and bracelets too. To complete the look you can carry a shoulder bag and tie your hair in a ponytail and it will look stunning. Jumpsuits are relatively new fashion trends and you will see a lot of celebrities adorning it on the runaway.


Each of these looks can be accessorized with a satchel or shoulder bags, flip flops, sandals, gladiators, and wedges. Carry a straw hat with you to the party. Be natural about your hair and makeup. Don’t apply too much makeup but rather keep a simple look with messy hair in a ponytail, a braid or loose on the shoulders. Wear lip gloss and a light coat of mascara. Moreover, long necklaces and pendants, braided bracelets, watches will look amazing on you. Hence, you will look effortless and natural.

Beach parties are very fun to go to. You can beat the summer heat and enjoy yourself with your friends over music, swimming, and beach games. Thus, to enjoy the beach party you need to be comfortable. You don’t need to worry about your clothes while partying around with friends, neither your hair nor other things. So, try each of these looks and go for the ones that you are most comfortable with.

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