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What Are the Different Types of Online Trading?

Every investor can choose from a wide range of trading options. There are short term trading options and long term trading options. One chooses what suits his trading strategy. Long term trading options need patience and it’s a gamble which may lead you more money for more time you wait.

However, in a broader sense, let us first classify the term trading into three categories depending on the trading life:

  1. Short term trading: Such type of trading lasts for only a few weeks.
  2. Medium term trading: This lasts for a few weeks to few months.
  3. Long term trading: In this trading, you might hold up your securities for more than months to even years.

Each category of trading has their good points and bad points. The major factors which rule this decision to choose the span of trading are:

  • Amount of Funds Available
  • Research ways and strategy planned by the trader
  • Risk taking nature of a trader
  • Low cost brokerage

It’s not necessary to full time practice online trading from morning to evening. You may even do it for part time and in flexible working hours. So, if you are into a job or working in morning 9 to 6 job, then you can easily sit in late night hours to do a market study and hence place orders. It is a very simple task and needs no restrictions. Whether you are an I.T. engineer or a dairy holder or whatever profession, you can simply practice online trading by learning the basics of trading.

You may opt for any of these popular trading patterns:

  1. Day Trading:

It is one of the most common forms of trading liked and loved by the majority of traders. It can be explained in simple words as a short-term trading plan where you buy and then sell securities on the very same day! Any non-professional traders with help of Discount stock brokers can also try their hands-on trading in this form of low risk trading.


  • Low Risk
  • Market Creation
  • News Trading
  • Can take action based on daily price
  1. Position trading

Unlike day trading, it’s a long-term strategy where traders would invest in long term securities for long periods. More the amount of time you hold better is your chance of better gain. Engaging yourself in this type of trading needs good experience and trading skills.


  • If you have good market insights, then you can have great profits.
  • You can buy when the security gains momentum and sell when that security is on the peak.
  1. Swing Trading

There are few securities which face great price swings due to a sudden change in currency prices and market. This way, some traders predict the future and present of some security and hence benefit on their own capability of prediction. The trends decide on swing trading.


  • Being update with market trends, you can make good gains.
  • It is a potential trading method where many traders make good fortune
  • Span doesn’t matter so short or long is trader’s decision

Above three trading strategies are most popular and effective. Hence more you experience and educate on trading, the more you can progress in the trading sector.


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