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Factors That Affect Your Internet Speed

There are multiple factors involved that affect internet speeds. It begins with making the right choice for your internet provider and plan. Nowadays our options have broadened with a wider range of providers, plans, and services available. With exceptional internet and cable TV plans like Spectrum Internet Ultra or Silver Package Spectrum, you have many better options to look up to at the most affordable rates. So it all starts with doing some good research to make the right choice. You should know that for experiencing rocket fast internet speeds you must opt for fiber internet or cable TV plans. However, the area where you reside plays a critical role. This is because not every provider has coverage everywhere. To benefit from high-quality providers and their high-speed internet plans, it is important to be located at a place with good internet coverage. Thus where you live matters.

In case you are facing a slower internet connection, there could be multiple factors involved. First things first, check your upload and download speed. You should know the package you have subscribed to and the speeds you should expect. Once you have found out that you are not experiencing the optimal speeds, here are the main reasons you can look into that can cause a slowing internet speed.

Exceeding Data Limits

Check your data limit to see if your internet service provider is slowing your connection because the data limit has been exceeded. In case you have not reached the data limit, then you must look into the other factors involved.


It is a very well known fact that viruses or malware can have a big impact on your internet speed. These viruses enter your system and slow down everything, causing an increase in bandwidth consumption. It is therefore important to keep your system protected from any such malware and use an encrypted network.

Router Placement

The position of your router plays a central role in the performance of your wireless network. To have a sound internet connection, the router should be placed at a central spot so your device stays within range and you enjoy good connectivity.

Number of Users

Having many users on the server also affects the network speed. Therefore your internet plan must have sufficient data and speed to support multiple users. The more the number of users, the higher speed and rather unlimited data availability would help to avoid any lags or speed slowdowns.


The main reason as to why your internet might be lagging can be the older hardware you are using. Therefore if your hardware is not up to date and causing speed issues, you should upgrade it.  The network equipment you use has a big impact on internet speed. Therefore using an Ethernet connection can be a preferable choice as compared to Wi-Fi.

How much Speed you might Require?

If you are wondering what is the minimum internet speed that you require for various online activities to be carried out smoothly. It also depends on the type of online activities.  For instance, the better video quality you want, the higher the internet speed you need. So you must first analyze the kind of online activities you will primarily be performing and the speeds you require for them. Next, choose an internet plan accordingly so that it is fast enough to cater to your connectivity needs.

If you are frequently facing a lag issue then it is about time you either upgrade your internet plan or change your provider. There is no point in investing money in something that is frequently causing trouble when it comes to carrying out your routine activities.

Wrapping Up,

If you are concerned about your internet speeds not up to the mark then you should look into the aforementioned factors that might be involved. Once you know the cause, you can resolve it quickly and also seek assistance from your internet service provider. If you continue facing lags and are annoyed much then it is about time that you switch to another provider or plan that offers higher speeds at better rates. Be sure to keep a check on the internet speeds you experience and the ones that are advertised to be delivered by your provider as per the plan you have subscribed to.

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