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Fixing Up a Hot Roast: The best sides and sauces

The Art Of Hog Roasting

A hog roast is the perfect centre piece of any party. Surprising your guests with the gorgeous aroma of slowly roasting pork is a time honoured tradition. But what happens when your guests walk up to the table and only see the beautiful roast…because you’ve forgotten the sides! Here are some easy side recipes to enjoy with a hog roast.

Bread Rolls

Bread, potatoes and meat go together like peanut butter and jam. The best part, there are a variety of bread options you can choose to pair with your roast for a different flavour texture. Plain bread allows the flavour of the roast to take over the meal. Buttered bread or garlic bread can give the meat an additional roast, like flavour and add to the seasoning of the meet.

Apple Sauce

Apple sauce is a unique flavour of it’s own, not just for children anymore. It provides a health alternative to sugar filled sauces and turns the roast into a great fall recipe. In today’s modern world, you can even class up the Apple Sauce. Try adding sugar and cinnamon to add a little sweetness to your roast. Or you can make a home-made apple butter or home-made apple BBQ sauce that adds some healthy benefits while creating a mouth full of flavour.

For more flavoursome sauce ideas for your hog roast be sure to read up on Best Sauces For Pork Dishes by The Roasting Pig.

The Mexican Party

You can even go a step further and combine all of the above into a theme. Try adding your own quesadilla wrap and your favourite taco spices for a Mexican dish. You can include a variety of spicy salsa’s, cheese and guacamole to fuel the Mexican feel.

Try Sushi Theme

Do you really want to stand out from the crowd? Try a unique sushi party that allows party-goers to create their own pork sushi rolls. You can not only include the sides listed above but allow a variety of different sushi sauces that could add a unique tasting experience for each guest.

How Do You Hog

Hog roasts are an easy and budget friendly way to throw a quick party together and provide an unique experience for your guests. However, don’t forget that your sides are just as important as the pork you are cooking. Don’t leave your guests hanging with just the meat, find a unique and budget friendly way to spice up your roast that makes your party the event of the season.

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