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From Grey Flooring to Furniture: How to Create a Grey Colour Theme in Your Home

Throughout the years, you will notice that home decorating trends come and go. One of the most popular colour palettes for homes right now is grey, with many people are incorporating this colour into their home. It offers a wonderfully muted, chic and modern aesthetic that will never go out of style, or overwhelm a small room.

From the big changes to the small, these are some of the ways that you can create this theme in your home. Read on to find out more of our tips.


One of the ways that you can create a grey colour theme in your home is by installing some grey flooring. This is an incredibly popular option when it comes to home decorating at the moment, especially if you want to create a versatile, monochromatic palette. Laminates are a perfect option if you are looking to bring this theme into your home, so make sure you have a look and see what is available.


The next way that you can create a grey colour theme in your home is by looking for furniture in this colour. From couches to tables to drawers and more, these are some of the furniture pieces that you can bring into your home to play with this colour theme. When you are looking for furniture, no two shades will be exactly the same, so it is a good idea to play about with shades to make them stand out more throughout your home, and create a sense of depth.

A splash of bright white or matte black will create definition within your décor – even if it is just a small accent on your upholstery, such as piping.


If you want to create a grey colour theme in your home, you should consider hanging some paintings that are this colour on your walls. This way you can add a bit more style into whichever room you want to and make it stand out rather than looking plain. You might even use it as an opportunity to add a splash of colour to the walls.


Regardless of whether you have hard floors or carpet in your home, you can create a grey colour theme by adding a rug into the room. Rugs look great and can make any room look that bit cosier – especially if you choose something fluffy or plush.

When you have chosen a rug, you can even consider purchasing a couch throw or cushions for some added comfort and style. Grey doesn’t need to feel sterile, and the right soft furnishings will keep it feeling cosy.

Other Accessories

There are a lot of other accessories that you can consider adding to your home to create a grey colour theme. Some of these accessories include lamps and even candles. Although you might struggle to find grey coloured plants, you could buy a colourful plant and put it into a grey vase or plant pot to keep the theme consistent.

Remember that Contrast is Often Key

Grey represents an incredibly versatile colour, as it can be paired with any other shade or hue to great effect. Any bold, pastel, or earthy shade will complement a grey colour scheme perfectly, and contrasting this palette with a few splashes of colour will enable it to make even more of an impact.

Whether you choose to create contrast in your soft furnishings or your wall art, creating contrast is the best way to keep your room from feeling dulled down by the monochromatic palette, and to add a more comfortable, homely feel to the space.

Striking this balance is not always easy – and you certainly don’t want to overwhelm the grey with too much colour. As you work on adding contrast, do so one object at a time, and reign yourself in as soon as the addition of colour starts to feel too much.

Use This as a Guide

As you can see, there are numerous ways to get the very most out a grey colour scheme. Not only will it look incredibly modern and chic, but it will give you plenty of room to play with and explore other, contrasting colours without overwhelming the space with busy patterns or clashing shades.

If you would like to incorporate this colour theme into your home, make sure to use some of our tips.

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