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Google AdWords Account Management and Your Business

Last updated on October 27, 2020

As with other more technical forms of marketing, getting Google AdWords right is a skill and almost an art! Without a good, knowledgeable agency to help you, it can be daunting to know how much to bid on keywords, which to choose, and how to keep a track of the results you get. Then changing and tweaking a campaign already in progress can be a task of its own as well.

Perhaps the most important aspect though is knowing how to conduct adwords management without costing your company a fortune and going over budget.

Make your life easier

At some time or another, all marketing professionals and business owners consider whether there are easier ways of carrying out adwords management. With an agency on board, the job becomes a lot easier – and then it becomes about choosing the right agency as opposed to muddling along and trying to understand something that is in fact quite complex.

But is an adwords management company right for your business? To help you consider this key question, here are some important things to consider.

The credentials of your adwords management agency

There are a range of adwords certifications available, so be sure to look beyond the badge and ask the agency about the skills and training they had to undertake to acquire it. Also, ensure that your account would receive dedicated account management and that you would receive the levels of support and attention that your hard-earned budget deserves.

If adwords management is to succeed fully, the agency needs to be giving it regular servicing. And while this is one of the main reasons you would consider hiring an agency, some tend to spread themselves too thinly whereby they struggle to manage all their accounts. Make sure your agency has the bandwidth to service your campaigns properly.

The main benefit of hiring an adwords management services firm is that PPC does not rely on skills that can be acquired at the drop of a hat. Seemingly small details such as keyword selection, bidding, ad extensions and tweaking bids can be optimized regularly, and can make or break the success of a campaign. While some business owners valiantly try to run adwords management themselves, it is not only a skill, but it can be time consuming.

Learning from your competitors

Perhaps the main reason to utilize adwords management services is that good agencies can carry out research into what keywords and campaigns your competitors are running. This evaluation should involve analyzing what your competitors are doing, the quality of their copy, and the landing pages they are using.

All these factors can optimize your investment in adwords, ensure the right audience see your ads, and boost your website traffic and conversions accordingly. Following this approach avoids spending time writing either wrong or sub-optimal copy for your ads and generating fewer conversions than you would expect.

Whether or not you have some knowledge of adwords campaign management, it is still worth investing in an agency simply because they will have the time to pay this level of attention to your campaigns, and the focus on monitoring them to ensure they deliver the best possible results.

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