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How Much Does Junk & Trash Removal Cost?

The national average cost for trash and junk removal is $150. However, this price may vary based on a person’s location and the amount of junk. The typical range of junk removal should lie between $75 and $375.

The size of your load, the type of junk, and the number of items highly determine the amount you pay for junk removal. Getting rid of junk is a common practice that cuts across all households. Everyone has items they no longer need or use. Having these items lying around your space can create clutter.

Whether you’re moving out, performing a home remodeling exercise, or simply deep cleaning, you’ll need junk removal services from the experts. Using DIY methods can equally work. However, you’ll still need a professional company to haul away your junk. Well, unless you plan to move it to the dumpster yourself, which is a tall order.

A junk removal specialist will evaluate the size of your junk and give the right quotation on-site. However, some companies can give you rough estimates, based on what you tell them. Therefore, try and iron out every single detail entailing your trash to get the most accurate estimates.

How Junk Removal Pricing Works

The type of trash and its size are the main factors junk removal specialists look at when formulating the price quote. Generally, they look at the following factors:

Your Home

The design of your home will affect how much you’ll pay. For instance, if you live several floors high, hauling waste off your property will take more time compared to a house on the ground floor. It may also take a larger labor force to achieve the feat.

Type of Junk

What type of junk do you want to dispose of? Typically, bulky trash costs more to get rid of than standard junk items. For instance, don’t expect to pay the same price for furniture removal, mattresses, yard waste, and electronics. Most companies will, however, charge based on the truckload. In any case, furniture occupies a larger space and weighs more than typical home items.

Similarly, some electrical devices will have a larger weight compared to other items scheduled for disposal. The price might shift depending on the weight of the consignment. You’ll be lucky enough, probably, if the junk removal company you choose only charges their service based on the hour.


Toxic and hazardous materials tend to cost more during disposal than other regular ones. For recyclable items, the cost may also go higher.

Services Offered by the Junk Removal Company

Different companies have distinct services and packages. One company may only offer junk removal, while another may offer that together with an add-on like cleaning. Some other services that you may expect from a junk removal company include the following:

Recycling Services

Aside from picking up your call for a standard junk removal exercise, some companies will go the extra mile and offer recycling services to you. They offer this service for small to large items, which may include washers, dryers, refrigerators, AC units, dishwashers, and heaters, et al.


As stated, a junk removal company may decide to entice clients by offering an add-on service like cleaning. This can be effective for huge events, especially during the holiday when people come to visit and make huge messes. For instance, a birthday party or garden event won’t be successful without multiple spillages and trash. Clearing all of this on your own is not easy. You’ll have to hire someone to help you pick everything up. So, what’s the harm if the company you choose offers the service to you free of any charges?

Dumpster Rentals

The standard price for a dumpster rental ranges between $300 and $525 per week. Hiring a dumpster rental means that you’ve decided to clean up everything on your own. Well, if you have sufficient labor to give you a hand for free, why not?

Once you rent a dumpster, you’ll fill it up and then call the junk removal company to come and haul it away.

How to Save Money

There’s no industry lacking hacks to save a few bucks. For this industry, you’ll need to get several estimates from different junk removal companies. You’ll make a more informed decision based on this aspect.

You can also save by selling or donating the items you intend to dispose of. Some may still be in mint condition, and someone else might find a good use for them. Organize or wait for the estate’s yard sale to make a kill out of your junk items. Local charity groups may also come for the items you don’t need, including furniture.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, now that you have some idea of what it’ll cost to get rid of junk, make sure you hire the right specialist. Take time and analyze the rates of different junk removal experts before making a decision.

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