How to apply for Canada & Australia PR Visa Immigration

It’s very evident that if you want to move to vibrant nations like Canada or Australia, you want to process your visa quicker. You could do nothing but rely on the company to fulfill his job-related procedures in the case of temporary visas. But the ball is always in your court when it comes to requesting permanent resident visas.

These nations are awarded permanent resident visas because of the applicant’s scores under the corresponding immigration scheme. These points are frequently influenced by time, age, work experience, education, spouse qualifications, etc., and these variables ultimately affect the visa application achievement. There are view most crucial tips to follow to ensure that your process is seamless and at a faster pace.

Tip No. 1: Apply at the appropriate time –Reading may seem surprising, but time is a critical factor in applying for a PR visa. The application can be affected by the time factor in the following ways.

Age: When you apply for PR Visa, you’re more effective when you’re young. It is due to the high demand from these countries for young professionals (preferably 18yrs-25 yrs). Therefore, if you are in your most requested age range, apply to settle in Canada or Australia by having yourself a higher preference and also excellent career opportunities.

Peak Months: The ideal time to apply for immigration in Australia is in February and July, as per the studies. These two months are regarded to be the peak time to apply for immigration Australia. It would seem that applications are always associated with higher outcomes of achievement during these peak months.

Intake Periods: Each country has particular intake periods of PNP / State nomination applications in many provinces or States migration programs. Before these intake periods, keeping nomination apps ready often leads to faster intake, enhancing the likelihood of a quick visa.

Tip No. 2: Enhance your CRS Score-

You may be aware that Canada & Australia has an immigration scheme operating through a point-based framework. The eligibility and achievement of the candidate for an international permanent residency status rely primarily on how well he can perform under the points-based scheme. If you think your rating hinders your application’s success, here are some methods to enhance your points.

Enhance qualifications: the best and simplest thing you can do to enhance your rating is to improve your eligibility. If you are a graduate, your score and selection preferences will hopefully be increased by a higher degree. Likewise, any score enhancement certification or diploma that increases your nominated occupations will also be an excellent move.

Boost job experience: Highest job experience applicants receive excellent points under the points-based scheme of Canada and Australia. If before your application or while your application is in process, you have an opportunity to boost your work experience, go ahead, keep working hard and update. It may ultimately increase your score and possibilities for a faster visa.

Tip No. 3: Get immigration consultants assistance-notwithstanding all your attempts, if you’re still unable to get those excellent points to back up your procedure, you might miss something that only an immigration consultants eye can capture. Call up the best immigration consultants and get advice on the elements that will assist you in applying. Because immigration consultants are up-to-date and have hands-on experience in dealing with thousands of visa applications, they will help you to evaluate your case’s (if any) loopholes and show you strategies to achieve faster achievement.

Immigration consultants in Chandigarh can assist you with your PR visa application for Canada & Australia. They evaluate your profile and provide their best advice to increase your chances of achievement along with a legal, genuine and pocket-friendly visa service system. Come and meet immigration consultants in Chandigarh in any of their branches nearest you and let them help you with a threat-free, smooth and convenient visa process.

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