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How to Arrange a Virtual Baby Shower During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic has swept across the world, causing societies to go on lockdown and social distancing measures to be implemented, and if you are welcoming a new life into the world, you might be thinking that a baby shower is out of the question. Yet people can become very creative when facing adversity, and there is a way that you, your family and friends can celebrate the arrival of your baby, which is to organise a virtual baby shower.

Virtual Baby Shower

The best VoIP platform to use for your virtual baby shower is Zoom, which has many powerful features for image sharing and you have the use of a whiteboard, which is great. Much like a regular baby shower, things have to be organised, and you can assign a best friend to be the Zoom host, which takes the pressure off the new mum. You will need to inform the guests well in advance of the intended date and time of the baby shower, plus you could send each guest a quick overview of how to download and use Zoom, especially what to do when invited to join a meeting.

Baby Shower Gifts

The best solution is to send all the guests a link to, a leading Australian supplier of all things baby related, and your guests can choose a suitable gift which will be delivered to the new mum in time for the virtual party. Then she can open the gifts in the virtual presence of all the guests, which will be great fun for all.


Just because your guests are remotely located, doesn’t mean you can’t go to town on the decorations, as everyone will enjoy them, plus putting up buntings and ribbons make it feel more of a special occasion. Tell your guests to wear hats if they wish, as this also puts people in the party mood, and the adults can all have their favourite tipple in their homes. Here is an informative article on why some women suffer from constipation during and after pregnancy, which you might like to read.

Organise Party Games

The virtual baby shower is a great opportunity to play some fun games, and here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Guess Mum’s Waist Measurement – Now than mum had had the baby and is finally home, you can kick the games off with ‘guess mama’s waist measurement’, which is always fun. All guests type their estimate into the chat window, then dad measures mum’s waist live, so everyone can see the result.
  • Google Form Quiz – Using Google, you can type up some quizzes, with topics like baby names, animals and baby shower traditions around the world. The link can be shared in the chat window, allowing everyone to answer, and the host can be the referee and total up the scores at the end. Prizes are not necessary, but you could award emoticons as points.

If you search online, you will find many free resources for making fun games, and you should allow yourself enough time to choose a few games and make the necessary arrangements. Here is an article on parenting during the Covid-19 pandemic, which is a must read for any new parent.

While a virtual shower does not allow guests to touch the baby, it is certainly better than nothing, and you and your guests can still have an amazing time and watch mum and baby together.


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