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How To Engage Employees Using An HR Software?

Keeping employees engaged is one of the most overlooked functions of the manager and HR until the last decade. But, things did change for the better, the companies slowly started realising how essential it is to keep the employees engaged. Even though the whole process is quite time consuming, the focus to keep the morale high is paid attention to. It is observed that because of the surge in engagement efforts, other HR activities are compromised. It does not need to be done that way. If your company HRs also feel the same way, its high time that you start using technology. An HR software can not only give a boost to your engagement efforts but also help you in managing other HR activities efficaciously. 

Let’s look at certain ways in which the HR software can help increase engagement in your company. 

  • Gauge the mood with bots-

Knowing the employee mood to later gauge the happiness index is one of the first steps to engaging your employees. While as an HR, you already have a lot on your plate, it is impractical for you to go to each one of them, talk to them and then ascertain how they are feeling. In this context, it is the best to turn to a robust HRMS software. There are pulse surveys, mood bots to check the happiness quotient of employees right from the morning every day. The employees can even post anonymously about what’s worrying them or making them as happy as they are on a particular day. The same can later be used to analyse the average.

 Amplify communication within and among different teams-

Ask an employee about what kills their time while in office, and they will say that it is the meetings and the IT-related problems. They are to a certain extent right as well in making this statement. It is so as one team needs to communicate with other teams and internally as well. The problem arises, when someone is absent, not known, not on their seats, or there is some other glitch. Going to the seat, looking for them, and chasing others wastes a lot of their time. However, when you start using the HR software, you can easily rely on case management. Besides, they can use the chat option for coordination and call by looking for the employee details in the directory available. So, all of this ameliorates communication.

  • Boost the culture of appreciation-
    When an employee is going beyond limits to achieve his goals and help the organisation grow, it should be addressed. You might be really impressed by the quality of work that the employee has done; till the time he is not aware of the same, it is worthless. If finding time is a constraint, use HRMS software to send badges to the peers. The employees, managers and stakeholders, everyone can praise each other. The best part is that the badge one gives is visible on everyone’s dashboard.
  • Send achievement-based personalised messages-
    The day at work of a manager starts and ends with meetings. This is why they may not be able to find time to interact with their teams, foster the bond and keep a check on their performance. HRMS software acts a boon in such scenarios and otherwise. The employees can look at the performance of their team and easily send a message to appreciate the effort and goal achievement. Even when you are coming or going to the office or seeing a presentation, you can pick a message from templates and send it to any employee.

Take remedial measures

All these engagement tools are later quantified. Metrics like happiness index, future leaders and more are shown after analysing. They can be used to see the areas where your company is not able to engage employees properly. Corrective measures can be taken thereafter. Happy engaging!


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