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How to Find and License the Premium Drone Footage and Aerial Photos for My Projects ?

Last updated on November 17, 2020

How to Find and License the Premium Drone Footage and Aerial Photos for Your Projects ?

Beautiful photographs are no longer difficult to access. There is a large number of photo stocks on the Internet, many of which offer images for free. Anyone can take advantage of chargeless photos and add them to their article, website, or social media.

But there is also a problem here. Due to the fact that photos are gratis, everyone uses them, and we are often surprised to notice the same image that haunts us on various sites. To say that it damages the company’s reputation is to say nothing. Paid options are also often not a panacea: resources pay little attention to authors and they are not eager to post their best material there, limiting themselves to standard, unremarkable frames.

What to do and where to look for unique photographs?

What is Aerial Photography?

Height has always attracted humanity. The bird’s eye view is mesmerizing. The time for household drones has replaced expensive solutions in the form of helicopters and airplanes, which made it possible to obtain fascinating photos and videos for each customer.

Why are drones ideal for aerial photography?

  1. They can be lifted vertically up and hover motionless at any height for spectacular footage.
  2. Professional cameras allow getting the highest quality photos and videos.
  3. The quadcopter camera, obeying the commands of just one person from the ground, is able to turn in any direction to get the best shots.
  4. The maneuverability and small size of the drones allow shooting even in closed rooms and under tree crowns.

Also referred to as drone footage, aerial photography is a very dynamically developing direction in the photo and video services market. Drone photography gives people the opportunity to look at an event, location, or specific element from an unusual perspective.

Often, due to the fact that we are standing and looking from the ground, we are not able to see the whole picture. For example, the director of an enterprise does not see what his or her complex looks like as a whole. The organizer of the concert cannot realize how huge the crowd of spectators is. The farmer does not understand how endless and picturesque his or her lands are, etc.

Today, not a single promo or corporate video is complete without spectacular and atmospheric shots from a copter. But these are not all areas where high-quality photos or videos from a drone can be useful. Other options include:

  • site design;
  • content for articles;
  • educational material;
  • 3D panoramas and virtual tours, etc.

The drone has become very popular not only for professionals but also among amateurs. This has contributed to the emergence of a large amount of undoubtedly beautiful, but low-quality material in terms of angle, composition, light and understanding of the purpose of the shooting. That is why, when looking for a stock of images and videos from quadcopters, it is necessary to carefully check how seriously it approaches the selection of authors and what is the quality of the material it has to offer.

Passion For Height: Where To Find The Best Aerial Images

Only those places can offer real treasures where specialists are really passionate about their business and not just striving to make money quickly. HOsiHO agency can be called one of such places. Its owner, who has never worked without a camera, came up with the idea of ​​creating a special resource. The key features of the site are the following: unique and fresh ultra-high resolution images and an emphasis not only on buyers, but also on authors.

Thanks to the special favorable conditions for artists, the agency was able to gather real highly qualified professionals who have the legal right to shoot in many countries of the world. They can do the impossible: find footage that cannot be found elsewhere, or even implement custom filming for a client. Once the required material is found, it can be licensed directly on the agency’s website.

Aerial photography from this aerial image bank is a win-win for anyone looking for that special shot. Indeed, in addition to full legality and amazing flexibility in the implementation of an order, the agency has the following features:

  1. Narrow specialization makes it possible to fully concentrate on working with materials from drones and immerse in its specifics, taking into account the smallest details, modern technological capabilities and the best ways to convey the necessary frames to the viewer.
  2. There are no amateurs here: existing and potential photos are created by qualified aerial photography experts who know the best places, locations and conditions to create the best material for the client’s needs.
  3. The agency keeps abreast of the latest trends and customer needs with regard to the smallest details. Artists are ready to go to any permitted location and implement the filming of any complexity. Every photo or video has an accurate date, which allows clients to sort them by week, month, or even season.

Here you will find breathtaking collections of photos and videos from different parts of the world, and you can also apply for a completely new project, describing the required details.

In the End

Aerial photography is now used almost everywhere. Whether created for commercial purposes or for personal use, it is always breathtaking as it allows experiencing the freedom of free hovering, the feeling of a bird flying through the air.

Unlike the boring standard images that we see everywhere, drone footage immediately attracts attention. Viewers unwittingly join the stunning spectacle, which helps them to see the right message, as well as the right product, if needed. Something non-standard, authentic, eye-catching – that’s what the media obtained from a quadcopter is.

Make sure to only use high quality copyrighted photos and videos. This will protect you from the danger of plagiarism and duplicates. The more unique your content, the more trust and authority you get from your customers. Therefore, always look only at premium drone filming libraries: they collect people who are really passionate about their work and provide the best material.

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