HRMS and PNB Parivar portal – A key to managing a plethora of human resource functions and processes

The core function of the different institutions is to maintain an efficient record of their employees. Business, Corporate and financial in this era is keen on developing new systems that would keep track of the needs of every individual employee. Thus, new human resource development systems were formed. Various Indian banks adopt several management systems that help to administer different human resource functions smoothly. The Punjab National Bank is one such Indian bank which has adopted such a system to help in coordinating their human resource functions. It has a popular portal known as the ‘Punjab National Bank Parivar Portal’.

HRMS PNB Parivar Portal

Punjab National Bank Parivar Portal has been a portal system intended to be a Human Resource Management system. This portal has been in function from the year 2006. It has been largely helpful in keeping track of each of the employee’s work. It has helped in recording the different aspect of an employee’s work –

  • Work module – This helps in preparing an appraisal of the employees, which is quite essential in the process of selection and eventually afterward would lead to the promotion process. It also helps in maintaining a record of the employee’s HR record. It also records the employee’s intensity of self-service.
  • Attendance module – This helps in keeping track of the presence and absence of the employees. This module greatly helps in the task of absence management. This module even manages the submission of the leave and all kinds of leave grants.
  • Training module – The training module keeps a record of the development of services and the tracking of the improvement in the training errands.
  •  Payroll module – The payroll module helps in sorting out the transaction of the salary of each employee.  Figuring out payment deductions according to a report of each employee and preparing pay reports.

Therefore, this is how the HRMS or The Human Resource Management system helps in the functions and processes of the Punjab National Bank Parivar Portal.

Punjab National Bank HRMS Login

The PNB HRMS login is the system through which a Punjab National Bank employee or staff can enter the HRMS PNB Parivar Portal. For the process of logging in one must visit the site On the other hand, if the person working at this bank has not logged into this website previously but needs to do a PNB HRMS Login, then he or she had to visit the same site then click on the new user option. After which he or she has to fulfill the other formalities required which includes filling up the employee details giving the account number for the smooth transferring of the money with the help of the net banking. Then, in the end, the registration would end with the verification process, either through an OTP verification or verification email ( even at times with captcha verification), after which one would get a message of ‘Registration successful’. The process is similar to that of PNB Net Banking new user registration.  PNB Net Banking new user registration is for the account holders of the Punjab National Bank.

Thus, in the above context, we find the utility of the HRMS PNB Parivar Portal and PNB HRMS Login process.

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