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Indian Railways Seats Availability

Last updated on February 28, 2016

Indian Railways Seats Availability is an exclusive system to assured traits and measure for seat reservation. This particular system is classified into more than a few sections devoted to accessibility of tickets in the Indian Railways.

Below are few of the chief workings that dominate the exclusive system of Indian Railway seat availability and they are:

The first and foremost is RAC which means reservation against cancellation in which an individual though gets a ticket but his seat is actually not reserved. With an RAC ticket, the passenger can board the train but he is only permitted to sit in the coach. The availability of the entire birth depends on the cancellation of the reserved tickets. Just in case no cancellation is there and there are two people with RAC tickets, they both will have to share the berth all though their journey.

The second system of Indian Railways Seats Availability is WL or wait listed. In this system availability of seats there is no reserved booking or any sitting accommodation or the entire berth reservation. With this kind of ticket the person cannot board the train. When already reserved tickets are cancelled, firstly the person with RAC reservation gets a full berth and the later on the people who are waiting listed gets the ticket for RAC. This indicates that he/ she can get on the train and can have a reserved sitting space.

Another system of Indian Railways Seats Availability is RLWL which means Remote Location Wait List. This particular system is ascertained to assured quotas of ticket from precise midway stations that might fall on the same route. In this kind of a system the ticket possessor can get the reservation done from any transitional station to the final destination point or flanked by two in-between stations. The waitlist in this kind of quota gets confirmation when there is any cancellation of the ticket between these in-between stations.

Yet another system of Indian Railways seat availability is PQWL which means Pooled Quota Wait List. In this system of seat reservation, the passengers can get their seats reserved from the initiating station to any in-between station to the final destination. The reservation cut is mutual in a particular area between quite a few small stations to be found in the route.

Regret /WL is a special system which is applicable when there is a total dearth of seats and at that particular time, Indian Railways give RAC to make certain that more and more number of people can commute on the train at the same time. When the number of passengers swells and there is not a single seat available, even the seating accommodation is not there, a waitlisted number is allotted to the passengers. The point when this waitlist number touches the culminating point, the Indian Railways refuses the reservation at that particular point. At that time the reservation status of the particular train in that route indicates REGRET, which means no more reservation is allowed.


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