iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 6: Which One Stands Ahead

How well the Apple previous model, iPhone 5S, stands up to Apple latest model, iPhone 6?

However, the stats show a record-breaking response to the launch for the iPhone 6 with over 10 million pieces sold in less than a week, which epitomizes a strong beginning of this latest Apple iPhone.

After so much speculation, when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is finally out there, it’s worth comparing the earlier iPhone iteration with this recently released one.

Lets review and compare the features of the two models to determine whether the iPhone 5S should be considered as antiquated or everyone has been misled to consider bigger as the best.

1. The Size: Bigger Screen vs. Small – Switch From 4.0 Inch To 4.7 Inch

The recently released Apple iPhone models have proven that like its competitors, Apple also believes in big and this is why, it has also joined the size race with a larger screen and thinner body. Whereas the previous versions, like the iPhone 5 boasts a smaller size body.

The LED-backlit IPS LCD is the common attributes of the display that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 features. The difference is in their screen size, the latest model comes with 4.7 inch screen with 750 x 1334 pixels,326 ppi, whereas the iPhone 5S comprises 640 x 1136 pixels, 326 ppi. Obviously, the larger screen offers more vivid display, it delivers improved video watching experience and augments easy access to the keyboards.

2. The Battery Capacity: iPhone 6 Offers Modest Increase In The Battery Capacity

Thought the wireless charging option has not been integrated in the latest iPhones but Apple has somehow managed to deliver enhanced battery life. The iPhone 5S comes complete with the battery capacity of 1560 mAh, and the iPhone 6 features a 1810 mAh battery capacity. However, the best of all, iPhone 6 Plus has been incorporated with 2915 mAh capacity battery that makes it stand ahead of all. The latest models are designed to support the heaviest usage and support greater standby life and are anyhow better than the iPhone 5S.

3. The Design: Jump From Glass To Metal And Angular Edges To Curvy Edges

The glass and metal both have certain benefits and pitfalls, the Apple has incorporated glass front and rear in its iPhone 4 design. However, the glass is scuff and scratch resistant as compared to the metal, but since its tendency to get shattered makes it a curse for the users. The metal body of the iPhone 6 is finished with curvy edges and top-notched build quality makes the device appear intriguing and handy.

4. The Remarkably Improved Camera Quality Makes iPhone 6 A Preferable Choice

Though the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 comprises 8 mega-pixel camera, but Apple has enhanced the other attributes of the Camera function and made it exceptionally better from all the other models of the iPhone (that are available out there). The incorporated features like “True Tone Flash” helps the latest iPhone models deliver amazing natural lighting and the “Focus Pixels” facilitates auto focus while capturing images as well as recording videos.

Other than these splendid features the Camera function of iPhone 6 also includes the DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) and iPhone 6 Plus comprises OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that facilitates stable and smooth video recording, clearer images.

5. The iPhone 6 Delivers Enhanced Performance, But For Additional Storage Comes At Some Cost

Before the release of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and 5S were considered as the fastest iPhones, but now since, the latest offerings of the Apple is designed to deliver double GPU speed and 20% faster CPU speed than their predecessors. The latest models include improved A8 SoC (System on a Chip). The enhanced speed and superb performance of the recently released iPhones can benefit app development companies by supporting heavy gaming apps and graphics.

The incorporated Apple Pay, the most awaited support for NFC and support for a copious 128 GB storage makes the iPhone 6 a viable choice over iPhone 5S. However unfortunately, the interested users need to invest some cost for this additional storage and an option for 32 GB storage has also been disappeared.

By observing the aforementioned features comparison of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, it can be said that though iPhone 6 demands a greater cost, but its amazing offerings are great value for the money.

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ureadthis- is a unique platform, where you can share your latest News, Business News, Travel News, Sports News, Education News, Food making recipes and many more.

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