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Lost Your Driving Privileges? Here’s a Way Out

Last updated on November 1, 2019

As your DUI attorney in Colorado would have told you, getting your driving privileges back after they have been taken away depends on the reason for which they were taken away. At times, all you need to do is to wait for the suspension to get over. In some other situations you may have made a mistake and you would have to rectify the same.

Driving without insurance

Let us say that you have been caught for the first time driving without insurance. In such a case your license would only be suspended till the time you are able to show that you have been covered properly.

Normally, at the time of your suspension hearing, you would receive a specific date. Following this you can apply to get your license back. A hearing officer would determine this date. The basic timeframe in this case is that of 6 months. However, do keep in mind that this length of time could either be increased or decreased on the basis of your earlier behavior behind the wheels. In these cases, merely waiting for the period to get over would not be deemed sufficient. You would have to visit the local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and pay a certain fee for reinstatement.

As your DUI lawyers Colorado would inform you this fee is in the range of 60 dollars. You also need to prove that you have bought liability insurance at the very least.

Serious offenses such as DUI

If you have been caught DUI (driving under the influence) it is a serious offense for sure. In these cases, you can be certain that you would have to apply for a new license. The process would have to be started from scratch in order to get back driving. The court will only approve a new license for you when it is sure that you are a safe driver.

If this is the first time that you have had your license taken away for such an offense there is an easy way out for you. If you straightaway agree to install an ignition interlock device in your car you could come out of that predicament. When you have such a device in your car you have to take a clean breathalyzer test to make sure that the car can start. No matter what it is, you must keep in mind that getting your driving privileges back in Colorado can cause you a significant amount of headache.

This is why you must do each and everything that you can in order to make sure that your license is not suspended in the first place.


This is the first important step in this particular process. An eligibility date would normally be communicated to you through mail or at the time of hearing. This depends on the requirements of reinstatement in your particular case. In case you have not received that information, you can fill out a form named Your Personal Reinstatement Information Form and submit the same with DMV.

You can call up the customer service of your state’s DMV and get the information that you need in this case.


There are certain situations where the full-service driver license offices can reinstate suspended licenses. The first among them is child support. For this the local child support agency would have to provide details of your compliance to DMV. In this case you would also need to pay a reinstatement fee of 95 dollars. In case of unpaid tickets, you would have to get paid compliance from the court. The reinstatement fee here is the same as above. In some situations, you may have to pay a new license fee as well.

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