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Are You Making These Styling Mistakes?

“To err is human” so mistakes are expected from everyone. Even the smartest man with a great sense of style can make mistakes. For instance wearing white socks at the office or mismatched colors of the belt and formal shoes. These are some minor mistakes for people but for the fashion police, it is a huge crime.

Even if you are aware of all the fashion trends and styling tips for men, there is no harm in having at look at them every now and then to ensure that you don’t make these fashion mistakes. So, have a quick look at the common fashion mistakes that you should never make if you want to look stylish.

Mixing floral with graphics:

Flipkart might be promoting floral prints for man, but these need to be worn very carefully. You cannot randomly pick any print and mix it with other designs, as it can make you a laughing stock. Mixing graphics with floral is the worst styling idea you can adopt for any day.

Supersized clothes:

This is one of the mistakes many men make. No matter what is your size, well-fitted clothes can make you look stylish while oversized clothes make you look shabby. Custom made clothing is the only option to ensure that you don’t waste money in a loose coat or shirt making you look bulkier than your real size.

Hem of trousers

Tailors in Delhi agree that pants should have right length to look made for you only. The bottom hem of your trousers should end along the top of the heel of your shoes to give you perfect look. Just an inch longer and it will skim the floor while spoiling your complete personality.


Be it the color or tying style, you should be careful while wearing a tie. Make sure it doesn’t clash with the color of your shirt or jacket. If style experts to be followed, you should never wear tie with short sleeve shirts until you are going to a casual party.

Doing up too many buttons

Fastening up your suit is an art that not everyone knows. You should button up your suit on the basis of a number of buttons it has. First of all, never buy a suit with more than two buttons and in this also you should fasten only one button.

Climate appropriate coat

Whenever you start getting ready, look for the weather outside. Wearing climate-appropriate clothes make you look more stylish. Imagine someone wearing woolen jacket or suit in summers? The only thing that comes to the mind is “Has he gone mad?”


Knowingly or unknowingly, your shoes are the first thing people notice in your personality. No matter how attractive or designer is your dress if your shoes don’t match it, all the efforts get wasted. Never wear brown shoes with black trousers. Further, the color of your shoes should match with the belt to give you a perfect look.


Wearing branded clothes is a good idea for a dapper look, but flaunting logos everywhere is a big no no. Choosing a good tailor like Tailor Me Now that gives you a right fit is always a better option than spending money on an expensive brand that makes you look untidy.

So next time when you head out, do a checklist of these mistakes.

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