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My Journey Of FESS Surgery from Pristyn Care

My name is Harshita. I am 22 years old and living in Bangalore. Recently, I underwent functional endoscopic sinus surgery for curing sinusitis permanently from Pristyn Care. I am sharing my experience so that other people can get a realistic picture of the problem.

The Sinusitis Problem

A couple of months back, while I was at work, I had a mild headache. Within a couple of hours, my nose was blocked. My first apprehension was it was due to stress and putting excessive amounts of pressure on my eyes. I tried a couple of breathing exercises and took some painkillers for the relief. I went home early that day and tried some home remedies to get some relief. Unfortunately none of those provided any relief.

The following 48 hours were difficult for me as the congestion got worse and the headache didn’t subside. I skipped work and was on my bed most of the time as I was unable to get proper rest too. To add to my woes, I was also unable to eat anything. On a friend’s recommendation, I got to know about Pristyn Care. I immediately called them up and booked an appointment.

Diagnosis of Sinusitis

The next day I met with Dr. Manu at Pristyn Care. Seeing me in so much trouble, he made sure that I was comfortable throughout the consultation. I explained to him the entire scenario. To which he said, “Looks like you are suffering from sinusitis. This is a condition that several people due to inhaling pollutants that causes the sinuses to inflame. Don’t worry, this condition can easily be cured with a FESS or Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.”

He further explained, “A Functional Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery is performed to drain the infected sinuses with a special instrument, an endoscope. There won’t be visible scars as it is performed inside the nose.”

Continuing his explanation he added “You will be sedated before the surgery which means you won’t be able to feel any pain during the whole surgery. However, there can be some mild swelling and pain after the surgery which can be cured if you follow the post-operative instructions properly and rinse the nose thoroughly.

His explanation and competence looked promising to me and hence, I agreed to undergo the surgery.

What To Expect During FESS

I prepared for the surgery by neither drinking nor inhaling smoke. Meanwhile, I got my blood test, urine tests and other tests done and I shared the reports with the coordinator on Whatsapp. Within a few minutes, they confirmed that I am healthy to undergo the surgery.

I discussed with the medical coordinator about the cost of the surgery and he told me that my health insurance plan covers the entire expense. I heaved a big sigh of relief. He added, “We have taken care of the entire process of insurance approval from our in-house team and it has been approved. Also, we’ll send you a cab on the day of the surgery which will take you to the hospital.

On the day of the surgery, I skipped breakfast and got ready. At the pre-decided time, a cab was waiting for me and my mother to take us to the hospital. I thought we had to pay for the cab, but the driver told us it was free of cost. I was surprised.

The Care Buddy at the hospital took care of the entire paperwork for the admission process while we waited. Following this, he guided us to my private room which was very hygienic and sanitized. I was prepped for the surgery. The anesthetist took a report of my body vitals which were normal and sedated me through an IV channel. I dozed off to deep sleep.

It was a couple of hours later when I woke up. The doctor came in and checked me. He confirmed that the surgery was 100% successful and there were no major complications. My mother stayed with me at the hospital and they even provided food to my mother. There were no problems throughout the night. The doctor discharged me the next day after thoroughly examining me.

Me Today

At home, I took proper rest for the initial 24 hours. I was back on my feet within 2 days of the surgery as expected. However, I was extremely careful with my movements. I rinsed the nose and sinuses as per the doctor’s instructions. It didn’t scare me when I saw some mild bleeding or could feel some swelling inside my nose. I took the medicines as prescribed by the doctor. I recovered within a week. Within a couple of days, the swelling also subsided and I was able to breathe freely.

It was an absolutely smooth experience and comfortable recovery, without any pain and risks. Thanks to the doctor from Pristyn Care, there was no problem at all at any step. He was kind and compassionate and helped me gather proper strength for the surgery. I would like to appreciate the team’s efforts, coordination and strong work ethics.

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