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Now is the Best Time to Invest in Preschool Education. Here is Why

Did you know that investing $1 in preschool education has the potential to return $5-20 in later years? Years 1-5 are very crucial in a child’s life because that is when 90% of a person’s brain critical development happens. A good preschool education program in these years has a big positive impact on a child’s later years up to adulthood.

Children who undergo preschool education have better chances later in life.  They are more likely to graduate high school and complete college. They also have better chances of accessing global job or investment opportunities and do well financially.  The family and community at large benefit from preschool education investment. This is because more capable individuals contribute in various ways to the well-being of the people around them.

Higher Readiness for School

Preschool Singapore programs lay the foundation of math, vocabulary, and social skills.  Your child will absorb concepts in these subjects faster when he/she enters kindergarten. The child is more likely to pass school-readiness tests and access the best opportunities in education.

A child who has been in a preschool education program adapts better to a new school environment. Your child will develop positive relationships with peers faster, wherever he/she goes. This social aptitude continues to grow later in life, helping form fruitful relationships in work and business.

Develop Lifelong Skills

Enrolling your child in the best preschool in Singapore will establish lifelong skills that make the child more capable in various ways.  These skills include;

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Motivation

These skills are crucial to the personal development of your child as an individual throughout life. But they are also beneficial to the community because a well-developed individual is more productive.  Such an individual becomes useful to the workforce, entrepreneurship, social or political roles.

Better Access to Education Opportunities

Preschool education lays the foundation that helps excel in education in later stages. Your child’s school readiness will have a positive impact on the child’s progress in kindergarten, primary school, and eventually college.

In Singapore’s hypercompetitive education system, your child needs this slight edge to get ahead.  A high performing student is able to have more choices when it comes to choosing a career path. Your child will also access government scholarships to the best undergraduate and graduate courses.

Save Money

A child who enrolls in preschool education in Singapore is less likely to need remedial education if he/she joins the school. This translates to direct savings in education costs. Your child will have a smooth progression in school because lifelong gaps are eliminated.

Your child will also be healthier because he/she can express herself better when feeling ill. This is very good in making an accurate diagnosis when a child is ill.  He/she will also absorb dietary instructions better, which promotes health and development.  You will avoid health issues related to poor dieting.

There are also savings to the community at large.  An educated individual with chances at job opportunities is less likely to engage in crime and other negative behavior. This reduces the number of people in prison, and the attendant expenditure on security and law enforcement.

The nation as a whole makes savings on money that would have otherwise gone to welfare assistance. In fact, people working at good jobs pay higher taxes, which enables positive developments that benefit all people.

Identify Problems Early

A preschool education program can help identify learning problems and even disabilities in a child. Preschool teachers are professionally trained early childhood experts who can spot these problems early on. The teacher is able to tell when a child is progressing normally. She can also tell when the child is lagging in different physical and mental milestones.

A preschool education program gives the perfect opportunity to compare your child’s progress against that of her/his peers.  The teacher can tell where your child is struggling, and where he/she is excelling. Identifying learning problems and disabilities early enough gives ample opportunity to take remedial measures. You avoid the financial and emotional burden that would have otherwise come with complex problems.

Invest in Yourself

Investing in a child equates to investing in yourself. This is because an independent and capable child is less likely to become a burden in later life when you are retired. This child will also be able to make informed decisions when you become weak and feeble, needing support in retirement.  Your stocks and bonds could go bust, but a good education will always be marketable.

Is your child between one and five years? This is the opportune moment to make a lifelong positive foundation in your child’s life. The benefits of preschool education are far much higher than the small investment you will make today.  It is a chance to equip your child with the skills that will be crucial in surviving and getting ahead in a competitive workplace, business, and political space.

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