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Selection of Kurti Neck Shapes According to Your Body

Last updated on May 16, 2018

Many women and girls face this problem….the moment they purchase expensive dress from a shop, it may not be appealing as they wear it. The fact is that you may have to face this situation if you are just not aware of the shape of your body. To purchase the right fit kurti, it is important for you to start exploring your body curves that can essentially highlight the best features of your body.

You need to be aware of the right shape and posture of your body when purchasing dress. There are chances that if this factor is overlooked then you may end up with something that is a mis-fit. Shopping for ideal kurti in present market may also mean making the selection from amongst hundreds of collection.

Kurtis may be traditional Indian dress, but you certainly have numerous kurti collection online shopping options available today. The selection has to be made on the basis of your body figure, which may not be a difficult task for anyone. Let’s get familiar with few such options for neck lines in kurti collection.


This type certainly is the best option for any women or girl having perfect body curves.  In most cases you may find that the availability of this figure line is rare, but the kurti with hourglass neck line is designed for women who are blessed with such figure line. So if you have those gorgeous curves then this is ideal option for you.

Apple shape

Having full busts means you need to select kurtis that are having apple shaped neck line.  Such women also have broader shoulder and may be slight plump. So it is obvious that the kurti line is also adjusted accordingly.  The kurtis also have a deep V neck that grabs the attention of people nearby to you.

Pear shape

Having heavy hips and a small busts means that pear shaped kurtis are best options for you that can help in highlighting the essential curves of your body. The kurtis are designed to exactly blend with the body line and adds a flare factor to it. So even if you are lump at the hip area still the pear shape will help in covering the flaws to a much greater extent.

Rectangle shape

Women under 20’s and teens prefer this type of kurtis. Having a perfect curve means that this shaped neck line is ideal for your figure type. It will help in showcasing the best curves of your body line. Besides, your make up and voguish eye will help in compensating the flaws, if any. You can check with Kurti collection online shopping sites for some of best collection from this category.

Inverted triangle

If you are having a much broader shoulder line then inverted triangle neck line kurtis are best options for you. These are also ideal for women to be used as daily wear as it is very much comfortable. You can also make selection from amongst jacket type kurtis available that are equipped with dori or knots in the front side.

Besides, numerous other options are available as well including with most common circular neck line type.


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